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Thirlmere Aqueduct | Hidden Manchester Map
I always wondered what the boxy cube building in someone's garden in Reddish was ... turns out to be the Thirlmere Aqueduct
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15 hours ago by ssam
Swansea Canal - MNY 15-04 Stockport Canal Final Report.pdf
Stockport canal restoration plan.

"Gorton Reservoir was originally built as a drinking water supply and is owned by United Utilities: the reservoir is no longer used and thus is maintained at its normal maximum level as a leisure facility – nevertheless maintenance of the reservoir will still fall under the provisions of the Reservoirs Act and the Reservoir Inspectorate. The canal line originally crossed the headbank of the reservoir, indeed the canal was on embankment here before the reservoir was created. A study by Manchester University has concluded that the best was to restore the canal across the area would be to drop into the reservoir itself, allow boats to cross and rise out again on the Stockport side."
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15 hours ago by ssam
This is looking like a great Conf in Don't forgot building involves
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11 days ago by jitgo
I remember these kinds of stores growing up! We need some in and more around the country too!…
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4 weeks ago by jitgo

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