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Making the case for data standards – Final business case for local waste services | March 2016 | Local Digital Coalition
This is the final version of the business case for common data standards (especially data protocols) in local authority waste management services. It is a primary output of the DCLG Local Waste Service Standards Project,[1] and should be read in conjunction with the final financial model spreadsheet.[2]

This business case has been developed for use within councils, partnerships, businesses and industry or national bodies - wherever the case for data standards needs to be made. Demand for a financial model and business case came from representatives of all of these groups who participated in the project.
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7 days ago by juliantait
Hidden Manchester Map | A map of the tunnels, rivers, mines & subterranean spaces that make up Hidden Manchester.
A map of the tunnels, rivers, mines & subterranean spaces that make up Hidden Manchester.
16 days ago by tonys
HYDE Cheshire
ROC, HYDE, SJ95789260, Cheshire:
The ROC ( Royal Observer Corps )database includes accurate grid
references, current condition and much other useful information. The
Research Study Group (RSG) studies Britain's Cold War defences,
including secret bunkers, communications and early warning systems,
civil defence plans and propaganda.
16 days ago by tonys
Rosie Hardy - Home
Rosie Hardy is a worldwide photographer based in Manchester, UK.
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17 days ago by robertocarroll
At airport I needed a pin to change my SIM card so I approached this young woman working in a shop and…
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17 days ago by ritwik
Former Granada Studios to reopen as TV and film space | News | Broadcast
Manchester city centre’s legendary studios will resurface as All Studios later this year
19 days ago by tonys

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