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Buckingham Palace celebrates 50 years of Man Booker Prize | The Bookseller | July 6, 2018
Publishers and past winners, including English professor Marlon James, joined the Duchess of Cornwall at a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate 50 years of the Man Booker Prize.
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july 2018 by macalestercollege
Writers@Grinnell: Marlon James | The Scarlet & Black | April 5, 2018
English professor Marlon James was Grinnell's distinguished author this year for Writers@Grinnell. He spoke with a reporter from the student newspaper, "The Scarlet & Black," about writing and reading.
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april 2018 by macalestercollege
Man Booker winner Marlon James maps and charts his epic plots | Calgary Herald | February 24, 2018
When English Professor Marlon James is working on a novel, he sets up what he calls a “writers’ room of one.” It is where he maps it all out, weaving what is usually a complicated web of characters, settings, voices and scenarios. The room can get cluttered in a hurry. James will be giving a talk as the 2018 University of Calgary Distinguished Visiting Writer.
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february 2018 by macalestercollege
Poet Kevin Young and author Marlon James to be in conversation at the Loft | Star Tribune | January 16, 2018
Poet and essayist Kevin Young, author of the nonfiction book, "Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News," will be in conversation with Man Booker Prize winning writer and English Professor Marlon James in Minneapolis on March 19, at the Loft Literary Center. Tickets are available through the Loft website.
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january 2018 by macalestercollege
A Conversation with Marlon James | Booth, Butler University | October 20, 2017
An interview with the Macalester English professor whose last book, "A Brief History of Seven Killings," won the Man Booker Prize in 2015.
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october 2017 by macalestercollege
Macalester professor Marlon James inks Amazon deal with Beyonce's buddy | Star Tribune | September 27, 2017
Marlon James is going Hollywood. The Macalester College English professor has just signed a deal to bring his "A Brief History of Seven Killings" to Amazon Prime -- and he's teaming up with a big gun. Melina Matsoukas, best known for directing Beyonce's "Formation" and several episodes of "Master of None," will serve alongside James as an executive producer.
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september 2017 by macalestercollege
A high wind in Jamaica: Novelist Marlon James | Santa Fe New Mexican | May 5, 2017
A review of English professor Marlon James's "A Brief History of Seven Killings," profile and mention of his upcoming talk.
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may 2017 by macalestercollege
My North | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine | March 2017
Nearly a decade ago Marlon James moved from Jamaica to Minnesota for a teaching appointment at Macalester College. Today, the 2015 Man Booker Prize-winning author of “A Brief History of Seven Killings” is a bonafide literary superstar but chooses to stay in Minneapolis because the city inspired the sense of openness and potential that allowed him to write his breakout novel in the first place. This is one of 52 stories to Minnesota from notable Minnesotans. Hear from tastemakers and stylemakers. Artists and athletes. Authors and entertainers. These are their odes to the state they love.
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march 2017 by macalestercollege
Marlon James' 'African Games of Thrones' trilogy to Hamish Hamilton | The Bookseller | February 2, 2017
Hamish Hamilton has won the rights to publish English professor Marlon James’ new literary fantasy trilogy, dubbed the “African Game of Thrones”, in the UK. "The Dark Star Trilogy," described as a "dazzlingly ambitious” new project from the Man Booker-prize winner, will be a trio of literary fantasy novels informed by African myth and heritage while exploring the nature of power, identity and truth itself.
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february 2017 by macalestercollege
Marlon James reveals first details of African fantasy trilogy | The Guardian | January 11, 2017
The opening volume of the Dark Star fantasy trilogy is due in 2018 and will be the Macalester English professor's first book since his 2015 Booker winner "A Brief History of Seven Killings."
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january 2017 by macalestercollege
African Game of Thrones? Marlon James Is on It | GQ | January 11, 2017
The Man Booker Prize winner and English professor embraces his inner geek in a new trilogy of fantasy books.
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january 2017 by macalestercollege
Marlon James announces Dark Star fantasy trilogy: 'I hope 12-year-olds read this book' | Entertainment Weekly | January 10, 2017
The next project for English prof. Marlon James — the Man Booker Prize-winning author of 2014’s "A Brief History of Seven Killings" — is an epic fantasy trilogy to be published by Riverhead Books. Titled "The Dark Star Trilogy," the three novels (Black Leopard, Red Wolf; Moon Witch, Night Devil; The Boy and the Dark Star) follow three characters — the Tracker, the Moon Witch, and the Boy.
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january 2017 by macalestercollege
Eight Creative People Recommend Their Favorite Classic Books | New York Times | December 19, 2016
Despite the influx of new things to read this holiday season, there’s nothing quite like curling up with a classic. Every week, creative people share the 10 titles they would most want with them if they were marooned on a desert island — a part of the editor Aaron Hicklin’s ongoing project Here, eight recommend the classics that have stuck with them. One of the eight is English professor and Man Booker Prize winner Marlon James.
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december 2016 by macalestercollege
Fiction fan with a thing for medieval history and fantasy | Boston Globe | November 24, 2016
English professor Marlon James became the first Jamaican-born author to win the Man Booker Prize for fiction in 2015 with his novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings.” The author, however, left Jamaica 10 years ago to teach English at Macalester College in Minnesota, where he’s yet to adjust to the winters. “No one does, not even the people who live here,” he said.
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november 2016 by macalestercollege
Marlon James is named Macalester writer-in-residence | MinnPost | November 22, 2016
Macalester College English professor Marlon James made literary history in 2015, when he became the first Jamaican to win the prestigious Man Booker Prize for fiction. And now, James has been named Macalester’s first-ever writer-in-residence. His appointment begins Jan. 1.
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november 2016 by macalestercollege
Marlon James named Macalester's first writer in residence | Star Tribune | November 21, 2016
Marlon James, the Man Booker Prize-winning novelist, has been named Macalester College’s first writer in residence. His appointment will begin in January. James, a native of Jamaica, joined Macalester’s English Department in 2007.
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november 2016 by macalestercollege
Oneworld: the tiny publisher behind the last two Man Booker winners | The Guardian | November 15, 2016
It started as a kitchen-table project in Cyprus, and 30 years later Oneworld Publications has grown into a distinctive brand responsible for publishing English professor Marlon James's last two novels, the Man Booker prize winner A Brief History of Seven Killings and The Book of Night Women.
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november 2016 by macalestercollege
Marlon James's cozy Minneapolis loft featured in the New York Times | City Pages | November 1, 2016
Twin Cities author and English professor Marlon James has had much success since publishing A Brief History of Seven Killings in 2014, including receiving the prestigious Man Booker Prize, invites to appear on late-night talk shows, and a development deal with HBO.
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november 2016 by macalestercollege
A Tour of Novelist Marlon James’s Loft in Minneapolis | New York Times | October 31, 2016
English professor Marlon James's loft "tells many stories" according to the eight photos and article in The New York Times. The Man Booker Prize winner likes to fill empty space with everything he loves.
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october 2016 by macalestercollege
Conversations on Writing | Charlie Rose | August 24, 2016
English professor and novelist Marlon James talked about his Man Booker Prize winning book, "A Brief History of Seven Killings." His interview begins at 19:30.
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august 2016 by macalestercollege

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