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About Inactive Account Manager - Google Account Help
AKA deadman's switch, though the phone number bit is kinda bad if the trusted contact has no stable phone number...
inactive  account  manager  google  deadmans  switch  access  death  planning 
8 days ago by asteroza
Where to Find User Name Data in Configuration Manager, Part 2 - Enhansoft
In my last blog post, I talked about how there are three places to find user name details and how they are inventoried. In this blog post I will talk about how best to leverage each of them.
sccm  user  name  configuration  manager  sql 
10 days ago by vegarev
FontBase — a Free, Beautiful, and Fast Font Manager

All platforms. Professional features. Beautiful UI. Totally free. FontBase is the font manager of the new generation, built by designers, for designers.
font  typography  tools  manager 
11 days ago by exon
LAPD searches for surveillance video and witnesses to deadly Trader Joe's shootout
The Trader Joe’s market that was the scene of a deadly shootout and hostage crisis in Silver Lake over the weekend will remain closed until further notice, company officials said.

The store was the final scene in a violent rampage allegedly perpetrated by 28-year-old Gene Atkins, who police said shot his grandmother in the South L.A. home they shared, kidnapped his girlfriend and led officers on a wild chase from Hollywood to the Trader Joe’s market in the span of a few hours Saturday afternoon.

When it was all over, Atkins was in custody and one store employee was dead — killed by gunfire from an unknown shooter. Now police are working to determine if the employee, identified by family members as Melyda Corado, was fatally wounded by the suspect or the Los Angeles Police Department.
Trader_Joes  shooting  police  kill  manager 
11 days ago by Quercki
Password Safe - Multi-platform encrypted password vault
"Password Safe allows you to safely and easily create a secured and encrypted user name/password list. With Password Safe all you have to do is create and remember a single 'Master Password' of your choice in order to unlock and access your entire user name/password list. Security starts with you, the user. Keeping written lists of passwords on scraps of paper, or in a text document on your desktop is unsafe and is easily viewed by prying eyes (both cyber-based and human). Using the same password over and over again across a wide spectrum of systems and web sites creates the nightmare scenario where once someone has figured out one password, they have figured out all your passwords and now have access to every part of your life (system, e-mail, retail, financial, work)."

Peraton ( in Issue #238 6/1/2018 comments:
"I’m particularly fond of Windows based Password Safe, and not just because it’s free.

"Initially developed by Bruce Schneier, author of the famous prose on cryptography “Secrets & Lies – Digital Security in a Networked World”, Password Safe supports 2 factor authentication, 128 bit Twofish AES encryption, and because it’s open source and available on SourceForge ports to iOS, Android, Linux™, Unix and other variants and languages are readily available. Password Safe will also generate a more secure cryptic password that would be difficult to crack. Entering a password generated by Password Safe into the website showed it would take 485,000 years to crack #c5Wb|019|7c."
password  manager  software  encryption  hacking 
13 days ago by Tonti

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