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Making first impressions count on the talent journey at Cisco
"Cisco is digitizing the whole candidate journey in a bid to attract, engage and employ more high quality recruits."
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2 days ago by jonerp
Great Teams Are About Personalities, Not Just Skills
Results-oriented. Team members who naturally organize work and take charge tend to be socially self-confident, competitive, and energetic.
Relationship-focused. Team members who naturally focus on relationships, are attuned to others’ feelings, and are good at building cohesion tend to be warm, diplomatic, and approachable.
Process and rule followers. Team members who pay attention to details, processes, and rules tend to be reliable, organized, and conscientious.
Innovative and disruptive thinkers. Team members who naturally focus on innovation, anticipate problems, and recognize when the team needs to change tend to be imaginative, curious, and open to new experiences.
Pragmatic. Team members who are practical, hard-headed challengers of ideas and theories tend to be prudent, emotionally stable, and level-headed.
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2 days ago by devin

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