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Some Garbage I Used to Believe About Equality – the co-pour
I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to be less of an ass. I think this is a fine occupation for most people. But if you, like me, are a straight white man, my encouragement is that you…
race  gender  work  discrimination  privilege  management 
16 hours ago by jldinkelaker
What I Hear When You Tell Me Your Company Doesn’t Do Meetings
You want me to hear that you’re modern and amazing. You want me to hear that you respect the maker schedule. That you aren’t afraid to break ranks with corporate dogma. That nobody else will admit…
meetings  culture  management  organizations 
16 hours ago by jldinkelaker
Abstractivate: Hyperproductive development
"Except, I'm suspicious of this description. "We" is a plural pronoun. This depth of familiarity and comfort with a system is personal: it's usually one person. The one person who has conceived this solution, who holds in their head both the current state and where they are aiming.

If you are this person, please realize that no one else experiences this work the way you do. For other people, every change is scary, because they don't know what effect it will have."
productivity  management  programming 
21 hours ago by cwinters
QNOPY’s mobile and web-based field data information management system is a cutting edge technology solution for collecting, storing and reporting environmental, geotechnical, and construction engineering data.
engineering  information  management  software  india  ML 
yesterday by shalmaneser

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