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Why Your Company Gets Innovation Wrong (& The Meaning Of Lego’s Layoffs).
There are two basic reasons why companies struggle to disrupt their own business model. These two reasons are that your company will have to i) admit that it is wrong and ii) companies do not have the internal expertise to answer the unknown questions that will define the future of the business/industry.
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11 hours ago by jorgebarba
Lingo: A design library for everyone
Lingo is a design library made for your entire team – everyone from designers to developers and marketers to managers can use it.
collaboration  design  organization  management  mac  application 
12 hours ago by MichaelX
This Slack Engineer’s Secret To Making Firing Conversations Less Traumatic
“You’re not the one getting fired, so you shouldn’t ever talk about how it’s been so difficult for you.”
management  firing 
13 hours ago by spdaly

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