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Using 6 Page and 2 Page Documents To Make Organizational Decisions
A challenge of organizations is the aggregation of local information to a point where a globally optimal decision can be made in a way all stakeholders have seen their feedback heard and so can “disagree and commit” on the result. This document describes the “6 pager” and “2 pager” document and review meeting process, as a mechanism to address this challenge, as practiced by the document’s author in his time in the EC2 team at Amazon, and then at Two Sigma.
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Specialised boards for the SAFe®, Spotify Model, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS or your custom scaling model.
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Management Papers
Our management papers are meant for students in high school, colleges and universities. For the university students, management papers in the form of management thesis, and dissertations are available for post graduate students.
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A Tiny, Powerful Question for Better Feedback | Lara Hogan
Of the many questions I’ve tried out as part of this feedback method, my favorite question to ask is, “What are you optimizing for?”
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Do I truly want to become a manager? - Signal v. Noise
In this sense, management is like any other job: There are pros and cons, specific skills, proclivities, and a mindset called for. And as a result, not everyone should feel compelled to aspire toward it.
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