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may 2019 by cshier
Lgr6 labels a rare population of mammary gland progenitor cells that are able to originate luminal mammary tumours : Nature Cell Biology : Nature Research
whew - very complicated - lgr6 seems to mark unipotent progenitors that can be either basal or luminal(!). However, it seem mainly to mark luminal tumors - is present in PyMT tumors but not some chemically induced basal tumors....Might be interesting to see if lgr6 expression is up or down in the areg KO tumors?
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march 2017 by Segalllab
Analysis of Normal Human Mammary Epigenomes Reveals Cell-Specific Active Enhancer States and Associated Transcription Factor Networks: Cell Reports
did expression analysis of basal, luminal progenitor, luminal and mesenchymal stem cells as well as methylation analysis. expression analysis uploaded to server as pellacani et al in useful microarray data sets
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march 2017 by Segalllab
Wnt and Neuregulin1/ErbB signalling extends 3D culture of hormone responsive mammary organoids : Nature Communications
Looks like a significant step forward in understanding the interepithelial signaling - I don't think any stromal cell contributions are present here.
"Basal cells secrete Nrg1, resulting in Nrg1/ErbB signalling activation in luminal cells, promoting luminal progenitor cell expansion and differentiation. In contrast, progesterone-stimulated Wnt4 secretion by luminal ER+ cells, alongside R-spondin 1 produced by luminal ER− cells, activate Wnt signalling in the basal stem/progenitor cell population via the Wnt receptors Fz and Lrp5/6 and the R-spondin 1 receptor Lgr5. Wnt signalling activation in this compartment is likely to promote growth and differentiation of the basal cell layer. Fz, frizzled; Lgr5, leucine-rich repeat-containing G-protein-coupled receptor 5; Lrp5/6, low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5/6."
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february 2017 by Segalllab
Internal Mammary Nodes
In this small cohort, 1–3 presumed normal internal mammary lymph nodes measuring 2–9 mm (mean diameter 4.5 mm) were detected in about half of asymptomatic high-risk women presenting for screening MRI of the breasts.

Internal mammary lymph nodes were more frequently visualized on the left (p < 0.001), at the second and third intercostal spaces

>5mm max diameter susp. PET or US bx

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february 2017 by observer1959

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