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Four months after its debut, sneaky Mac malware went undetected by AV providers | Ars Technica
Does Apple give malware definitions to AV providers? New analysis suggests no.
apple  malware  undetected 
4 weeks ago by gdw
SharpPack: The Insider Threat Toolkit – MDSec
Most of our favourite tools in the red team arsenal are developed in DotNet or PowerShell and there exists numerous ways to execute these from memory when operating from your implant such as CobaltStrike’s powerpick and execute-assembly methods. In our use case, we were operating without an implant but still wanted to reap the benefits of GhostPack, Internal Monologue et al and therefore we had to get a little more creative with our tradecraft. As previously noted, we were operating in an environment with tight application whitelisting so recompiling and obfuscating our chosen tools was just not an option. We did however observe two notable opportunities to get code execution as the environment made heavy use of VBScript (thanks Tanium :)) and locally created Office Macro enabled documents.
dotnet  malware  pentest  vbscript 
4 weeks ago by whip_lash
Malware vector: become an admin on dormant, widely-used open source projects / Boing Boing
"a scary social-engineering vector for malware: A malicious person volunteers to help maintain the project, makes some small, positive contributions, gets commit access to the project, and releases a malicious patch, infecting millions of users and apps."
fail  security  malware  opensource  corydoctorow  boingboing 
4 weeks ago by WBedutech
Shadowserver Foundation
Established in 2004, The Shadowserver Foundation gathers intelligence on the darker side of the internet. We are comprised of volunteer security professionals from around the world. Our mission is to understand and help put a stop to high stakes cybercrime in the information age.
malware  reference  security  bot  internet 
4 weeks ago by chrismyth

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