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UXProtect is an XProtect exploration tool created by Digita Security. The goal of the tool is to highlight and extend the capabilities of XProtect for research and educational purposes.
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14 hours ago by agius
InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog - Analyzing MSI files
MSI files are Composite Document Files, or as I like to call them, ole files. MSI files can be inspected with tools that handle OLE files, like 7-Zip, oletools, oledump

developed a new oledump plugin, plugin_msi, to decode MSI stream names, and also provide info like the header (ASCII) and MD5 hash of the of stream 5 ( is a good indicator that the embedded PE file is a DLL. This can be confirmed by inspecting the embedded PE file, with a tool like pecheck
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yesterday by bwiese
Finding VBA signatures in Word documents - SANS Internet Storm Center
UNICODE strings SigAgile and Sign start the digital signature in binary Word documents
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yesterday by bwiese
An autograph from the Dridex gang - SANS Internet Storm Center
As happens often now, the PDF does not contain malicious code, just a malicious link. This URL can be detected and extracted with pdfid and pdf-parser:
plugin_vba_summary, we can produce a report summarizing the VBA code used in this malicious Word document:
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yesterday by bwiese
. It’s now the most common tool for data-theft attacks against organizations. Learn common evasion techniqu…
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6 days ago by jasonquinlan
Deciphering Malware’s use of TLS (without Decryption)
1) Flow Metadata - f inbound bytes, outbound bytes, inbound
packets, outbound packets; the source and destination ports;
and the total duration of the flow in second
2) Sequence of Packet Lengths and Times - sequence of packet lengths and packet inter-arrival times (SPLT) has been well studied [25], [39]. In our open source implementation, the SPLT elements are collected for the first 50 packets of a flow. Zero-length payloads (such as ACKs) and retransmissions are ignored. A Markov chain representation is used to model the SPLT data
3) Byte Distribution - the byte distribution can give information about the header-to-payload ratios, the composition of the application headers, and if any poorly implemented padding is added.
4) Unencrypted TLS Header Information - TLS version, the ordered list of offered ciphersuites,
and the list of supported TLS extensions are collected from
the client hello message. The selected ciphersuite and
selected TLS extensions are collected from the server
hello message. The server’s certificate is collected from the
certificate message. The client’s public key length is
collected from the client key exchange message, and
is the length of the RSA ciphertext or DH/ECDH public key,
depending on the ciphersuite. Similar to the sequence of packet
lengths and times, the sequence of record lengths, times, and
types is collected from TLS sessions
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7 days ago by bwiese

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