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Ransomware Attacks: To Pay or Not to Pay?
So, what do you do if ransomware makes its way onto your network?
malware  ransomware  network  security 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
New feature in Office 2016 can block macros and help prevent infection – Windows Security blog
This feature can be controlled via Group Policy and configured per application. It enables enterprise administrators to block macros from running in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents that come from the Internet.
malware  security  msoffice  win-admin  work 
3 days ago by ahall
DeepEnd Research
Threat research
and intelligence analysis
with emphasis on malware, botnet tracking, underground economy and cybercrime
blog  malware  research 
4 days ago by cudgel
Malware Unicorn
Reverse Engineering Malware 101
hacking  malware  security  training  education 
4 days ago by cudgel

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