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A New Wave of the Separ Info-Stealer is Infecting Organizations through “Living off the Land” Attack Methods - Deep Instinct : Deep Instinct
Use Cypherpath for malware sandbox analysis
1) Notified of new malware
2) Goto Hybrid Analysis – dig around a bit until you find a shared sample
a. Download sample
3) Add sample to Cypherpath shared folders
4) Spin up an isolated Windows instance on Cypherpath.
5) Run malware in this isolated vm on Cypherpath
6) Explore artifacts and RE
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6 hours ago by bwiese
Malware that hunts for account credentials on adult websites tripled in 2018 | ZDNet
Another new development was that in 2018 most porn login-hunting malware focused on stealing credentials from only two sites --Pornhub and XNXX.

This was different from the previous year when malware targeted more sites, such as the likes of Brazzers, Chaturbate, Pornhub, Myfreecams, Youporn, Wilshing, Motherless, XNXX, and X-videos.
malware  security  porn 
8 hours ago by yorksranter
Safe Browsing: Malware und Phishing – Google Transparenzbericht
Safe Browsing ist ein Dienst des Google-Sicherheitsteams. Er wurde konzipiert, um unsichere Websites aufzuspüren und um Nutzer und Webmaster zu benachrichtigen und vor möglichem Schaden zu bewahren. In diesem Bericht werden Details zu den erkannten Bedrohungen sowie den Warnmeldungen offengelegt, die den Nutzern angezeigt werden.
malware  webseite  scanner  antivirus 
13 hours ago by syrabo
Malwarebytes Cybersecurity for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS
Malwarebytes protects you against malware, ransomware, malicious websites, and other advanced online threats that have made traditional antivirus obsolete and ineffective. Download Malwarebytes for free and secure your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.
ios  malware  security 
4 days ago by locuna
Spionage-Software unter Android erkennen und entfernen | c't | Heise Magazine
Ein An­grei­fer be­nö­tigt Ihr Handy nur für ein paar un­be­ob­ach­te­te Mi­nu­ten, um dar­auf eine Spio­na­ge-App zu ver­ste­cken. Etwas mehr Hand­grif­fe sind von­nö­ten, um die In­fek­ti­on zu er­ken­nen und die Über­wa­chung zu stop­pen.
heise  tips  ct  android  malware 
5 days ago by torben
Researchers use Intel SGX to put malware beyond the reach of antivirus software | Ars Technica
Processor protects malware from attempts to inspect and analyze it.
Researchers have found a way to run malicious code on systems with Intel processors in such a way that the malware can't be analyzed or identified by antivirus software, using the processor's own features to protect the bad code. As well as making malware in general harder to examine, bad actors could use this protection to, for example, write ransomware applications that never disclose their encryption keys in readable memory, making it substantially harder to recover from attacks.
The research, performed at Graz University of Technology by Michael Schwarz, Samuel Weiser, and Daniel Gruss (one of the researchers behind last year's Spectre attack), uses a feature that Intel introduced with its Skylake processors called SGX ("Software Guard eXtensions"). SGX enables programs to carve out enclaves where both the code and the data the code works with are protected to ensure their confidentiality (nothing else on the system can spy on them) and integrity (any tampering with the code or data can be detected). The contents of an enclave are transparently encrypted every time they're written to RAM and decrypted upon being read. The processor governs access to the enclave memory: any attempt to access the enclave's memory from code outside the enclave is blocked; the decryption and encryption only occurs for the code within the enclave.
security  privacy  chip  firmware  malware  research  RAM 
10 days ago by rgl7194

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