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In Ukraine, a Malware Expert Who Could Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking -
The incident implicating the Russian government in an attack during the Ukrainian election is interesting
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Antimalware and cybersecurity portal - Windows Defender Security Intelligence
Windows Defender Security Intelligence (WDSI). Was Microsoft Malware Protection Center.
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Vast collection of Android apps, analysed for malware.
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Global shipping boss charts course through troubled waters
August 14, 2017 | Financial Times | by Richard Milne.

When AP Moller-Maersk came under cyber attack this year, chief executive Soren Skou was presented with a very basic problem: how to contact anyone. The June attack was so devastating that the Danish conglomerate shut down all its IT systems. The attack hit Maersk hard. Its container ships stood still at sea and its 76 port terminals around the world ground to a halt. ...Skou had no intuitive idea on how to move forward....Skou was “at a loss”, but he decided to do three things quickly.
(1) “I got deep in.” He participated in all crisis calls and meetings. “To begin with, I was just trying to find out what was happening. It was important to be visible, and take some decisions,” he says. Maersk is a conglomerate, so IT workers needed to know whether to get a system working for its oil business or container shipping line first.
(2) He focused on internal and external communication. Maersk sent out daily updates detailing which ports were open and closed; which booking systems were running and more. It also constructed a makeshift booking service from scratch.
(3)Skou says he made sure frontline staff in the 130 countries it operates in were able to “do what you think is right to serve the customer — don’t wait for the HQ, we’ll accept the cost”.

He says that he has learnt there is no way to prevent an attack. But in future, the company must “isolate an attack quicker and restore systems quicker”. He adds that Maersk will now approach its annual risk management exercises in a different spirit. “Until you have experienced something like this — people call them ‘black swan’ events — you don’t realize just what can happen, just how serious it can be.”

Danish conglomerate AP Moller-Maersk is planning to expand into transport and logistics ...

....Mr Skou’s plan for Maersk is about shrinking the company to grow — a “counterintuitive” approach, he concedes. Maersk’s revenues have stagnated since the global financial crisis and the solution has been to jettison what has often been its main provider of profits, the oil business.

In its place, Mr Skou has already placed his bet on consolidation in the shipping industry.....His real push is in bringing together the container shipping, port terminals, and freight forwarding businesses so as to make it “as simple to send a container from one end of the world to the other as it is to send a parcel with FedEx or UPS”. That requires quite a cultural shift in a group where independence was previously prized.....Another priority is to digitalise the group. “It is pretty messy,” Mr Skou says cheerfully. Unlike most businesses selling to consumers who offer few possibilities to change much, almost everything is up for negotiation between Maersk and its business customers — from delivery time, destination, cost, speed, and so on. “It’s easy to talk about digitalising things; it’s quite difficult to do in a B2B environment. It’s hard to digitalise that complexity,”
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Businesses must quickly count the cost of cyber crime
8 July /9 July 2017 | Financial Times | Brooke Masters.

Transparency without the full facts can be dangerous....Cyber attacks are frightening and hard for investors to evaluate. Quantify, to the extent possible, the impact as quickly as you can.
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3 days ago by jerryking
Microsoft warns of new tech support scam approach
"The new email campaigns use reputable brands to trick users. Microsoft has published some of the emails it has captured. These appear to come from big brands such as Alibaba, Amazon and LinkedIn. They all contain links that if examined are not to the sites they claim to be from. The reason these emails succeed is that people often take the email at face value, trust the brand and just click on the link without thinking about it."
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