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Try out the Digital Surface Model (DSM) in 1m resolution covering the Islands on .
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october 2018 by robhawkes
Corona Test Targets - Google My Maps
"This is a map of the remaining Corona satellite calibration grid. (..) Note that AA 56 was never constructed, and thus is not missing. The Western and Southern edges of the grid are intentionally every other mile, to allow for easy orientation when viewing from a satellite."
[elsewhere] "Used during the Cold War, these 145 large ground markers, of 272 originals, formed a 16x16-mile grid, which was used from 1959 to 1972 to calibrate the Corona spy satellite cameras. Nearly half of the markers have been removed or destroyed."
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may 2018 by gohai
Littlest Pet Shop White 65 pink bows/magnet loose
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may 2018 by stevechic
A doesn't care if your rich or poor, smart or dumb. Give him your and he'll give you his.
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april 2018 by stevechic
Little cast for a little dog

with EOS-1V & 135 f/2 Dev in D-76
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february 2018 by r4vi

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