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not quite the same as gperftools tcmalloc, and not entirely compatible either, so...
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12 days ago by asteroza
CoderzColumn : Blog - Memory Management in Python (Garbage Collection)
# There are 3 ways to decrease the reference count of an object:
Using del statement
Assigning None to a variable name.
Pointing reference variable to some other object.

so use:
del x
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17 days ago by yencarnacion
What causes Ruby memory bloat? – Joyful Bikeshedding
excellent - touches on usage of arena max, malloc_trim(), jemalloc
glibc  malloc  perfomance  memory  optimization  ruby  excellent 
10 weeks ago by negril
glibc malloc inefficiency
gives a script for calling malloc_trim() from a separate process using gdb
glibc  malloc  malloc_trim  memory  investigation  optimization 
10 weeks ago by negril

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