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Income Inequality in Malaysia: Examining the Labour Income Links
Against this backdrop, our paper makes the argument that the missing piece in this narrative is the labour income dispersion. We show that the effects of labour income on income inequality in Malaysia depend more on the labour income dispersion than the labour income share.
By bringing the labour income dispersion into the discourse, we put forward the case that Malaysia is not at an inevitable trade off—or a zero sum game, when it comes to the policy options of technological upgrading and reducing income inequality. We suggest to focus more on the distributional aspects of labour income as a policy goal, as the labour income share is neither a good indicator of income inequality, nor a good driver to reduce it.
economics  malaysia  labour-issues 
3 days ago by ayamnotkambing
Schlemmer-Tour in Kuala Lumpur
Wolkenkratzer prägen Kuala Lumpur ebenso wie Moscheen, Kirchen und buddhistische Tempel. Die Hauptstadt von Malaysia ist ein Schmelztiegel der Nationen. Die kulturelle Vielfalt zeigt sich auch beim Essen.
5 days ago by fpaulus
Malaysia chooses innovative strategy for 5G band licencing | total telecom
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has announced its intent to forgo a typical spectrum auction for some of its available 5G bands, instead opting for a consortium approach
Malaysia  spectrum  5G  700MHz  WOAN 
10 days ago by creym
Malaysia chooses innovative strategy for 5G band licencing | total telecom
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has announced its intent to forgo a typical spectrum auction for some of its available 5G bands, instead opting for a consortium approach
Malaysia  2020  spectrum  auction  consortia 
11 days ago by stevesong
Designing Out Fatness – The Citymaker
malaysia has the same nonsensical blame-the-victim attitude towards fat people as the us does. If you have the money (for the right foods and a gym) then you might become healthier. if not, too bad.

Eg: they have a 'sugary drink' tax that doesn't cover bubble tea or coffee shop coffees.
fat  weight.stigma  malaysia  government 
20 days ago by moose
Chinese embassy invites Malaysians to visit Xinjiang to counter 'fake news' on Uighur treatment > Friday, 27 Dec 2019
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians are invited to visit Xinjiang as the Chinese embassy hits out at "distorted reports flooded in social media" over the country's treatment of its Uighur Muslims.

"I sincerely welcome all Malaysian friends, especially Muslim friends, to visit Xinjiang and to discover a beautiful, peaceful and prosperous real Xinjiang with your own eyes.

"I feel regret and indignant about the distorted reports and gratuitous accusations flooded in social media," said Chinese embassy spokesperson, Tang Tang.

He added that problems related to Xinjiang were China's internal affairs.

"These are not human rights, ethnicity or religion issues, but issues of anti-terrorism, anti-separatism and de-radicalization.

"Chinese government safeguards the freedom of religious belief of all citizens according to the law, including Uighur minority," he said.

Earlier on Friday (Dec 27), two NGOs handed over a memorandum to the Chinese embassy here over the issue.

Members of the Muslim Youth Movement Malaysia (Abim) and Hizbut Tahrir gathered outside the embassy on Jalan Ampang around 2.30pm

Their representatives tried to hand over the memorandum but as no embassy representative was available to receive it, the memorandum was left inside the embassy's letterbox instead.

Abim president Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz said this was the second memorandum the group had sent to the embassy on the issue.

"We hope the Chinese government will listen to the voices of both the Malaysian and international community, to stop the persecution of the Uighur Muslims and all other minority religions in China," he said.
China  Malaysia  Ulghurs  Xinjiang  UlghurMuslims 
22 days ago by juandante
River believed to be contaminated with chemical substance
SEREMBAN: Traces of oil believed to be chemical substance and the presence of dead fish in a river near Jalan 14 Mantin near here were discovered this morning.

Negri Sembilan Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) operation assistant director Ahmad Mukhlis Mokhtar said the department was alerted of the incident at 5.35am.

He said 18 firemen and two fire engines, including a team from Hazardous Materials Management Team (HAZMAT), were deployed at the site.

“We discovered that there were traces of oil and we also found dead fish in the river.
malaysia  public  release  response  unknown_chemical 
24 days ago by dchas

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