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A Nazi Version of DDT Was Forgotten. Could It Help Fight Malaria? - The New York Times
Scientists have rediscovered a compound developed by German researchers during World War II. It appears to be more effective and perhaps safer than DDT.
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4 days ago by casfindad
Risk to get malaria in Thailand | Thai Travel Clinic Blog
Risk for individual travelers to get malaria in Thailand is not the same. Some individual may carry higher risk than the others. Risk to get malaria depends on
thailand  malaria  infection 
7 days ago by pmigdal
Windborne mosquitoes may carry malaria hundreds of kilometers | Science | AAAS
Discovery of high-altitude migration has big implications for disease control
study  mosquitoes  research  malaria  health  epidemic 
19 days ago by raphman
Today is 🦟.

still kills a child every two minutes. No child should die because they cann…
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april 2019 by p3k

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