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Stalker Hotch
Words:12,940, Hotch is Reid's stalker.
재밌었음. 다른 BAU사람들 안나오는 건 아쉽지만, 그리고 더 길었으면 싶지만!
makingitwork  AU  hotchner/reid  H/C  bottom!reid  top!hotchner  dark!hotchner  unsub!hotch  stalker!hotch  serial-killer  dom/sub-undertones  first-time  rating:R  fandom:CM  length:Middle 
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J. Boye Philadelphia 15 conference- Eventbrite
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Twitter / CDC_tweets: "These books are part of journey ...
RT : "These books are part of journey towards inclusion for disabled children & young people" Christine, CDC
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Knocking on your door (baby, baby, please now)
Kris and Adam suffer from perpetually bad timing, but a near brush with death makes Kris realize that some things in life are worth fighting for.
americanidol  adam/kris  sick!kris  hurt!kris  brokenarmed!kris  epiphany!fic  firsttime!fic  makingitwork  h/c 
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adam/kris  americanidol  au  bottom!reid  brokenarmed!kris  creative  dark!hotchner  dom/sub-undertones  epiphany!fic  facebook  fandom:cm  first-time  firsttime!fic  h/c  hotchner/reid  hurt!kris  ifttt  jboye15  length:middle  lovethiscrew  makingiteasy  rating:r  serial-killer  sick!kris  stalker!hotch  top!hotchner  unsub!hotch  wic 

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