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East End Maker Hub: Houston's High Tech Hub for Education, Manufacturing and Job Training
The East End Maker Hub is a catalyst for supporting and scaling small batch manufacturing in Houston’s East End. The East End Maker Hub utilizes an equitable economic development approach that supports start-ups, innovators, artists, crafters, entrepreneurs, and legacy manufacturers at all stages of their development. We work collaboratively with the community to provide pathways to middle-income jobs that enable residents to live, work, and thrive locally.
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East End Maker Hub Video
Houston's High Tech Hub for Education, Manufacturing and Job Training
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Uber Co-founder Supports 3D-Printed Hotel |
Ripley said Habitas could build modular resort-style hotels in six to nine months versus the four to five years to build a traditional hotel. He anticipates eight Habitas locations will be launched by the end of 2020, including a Namibian hotel opening this month. Bhutan and Saudi Arabia are other locations being scouted. 

“We are focusing more on the people, the community, the experiences — a little bit like Club Med for our generation,” Ripley told the Financial Times. “What is the equivalent to Club Med for us? Incredible experiences with food, with music, with the right kind of wellness — not the fanciest spa but really just reconnecting.” 
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SCOPES Digital Fabrication – K-12 Digital Fabrication for STEM
Digital fabrication has the potential to transform k-12 education. With the SCOPES-DF project, the Fab Foundation is bringing together fabbers, makers, and educators to deepen our understanding of the “what”, “how” and “why” of STEM disciplines.
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RT : Calling all for a drop-in at Richmond Barracks. They want to hear about your ideas & how people might want…
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ATMakers | Helping Makers Help Others introduces Makers and Assistive Technology (AT) users and give these two communities the tools they need to collaborate. is an experiment in solving problems in Assistive Technology using the skills and tools of the Maker community. In short, we’ve seen tools in the Open-Source Hardware and Software community that can be incredibly useful for people with severe physical and cognitive challenges – we’d like to help introduce these communities to each other.
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Fresh! provides an important opportunity for beginning their as . The…
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Yours for the making - Instructables
Instructables is a community for people who like to make things. Come explore, share, and make your next project with us!
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Sophy Wong Is Designing The Future Of Wearable Technology | Hackaday
Thankfully, we have designers like Sophy Wong. Despite using tools and software that most of us would associate with mechanical design, her artistic eye and knowledge of fashion helps her create flexible components that conform to the natural contours of the wearer’s body. Anyone can take an existing piece of hardware and strap it to a person’s arm, but her creations are designed to fit like a tailored piece of clothing; a necessary evolution if wearable technology is ever going to progress past high-tech wrist watches.
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we love : We cut our cable cord and built a giant triple digital TV antenna using 2x4 scraps and $8 in elect…
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& . This Friday, and the second and fourth Friday of every month at our…
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here is the National Guidance for . We all wrote it to make it clear what a is. Free to…
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open up about the money they actually make
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The Pinter - Welcome to a new world of fresh beer. by Ralph Broadbent — Kickstarter
We, The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co, are the pioneers of Fresh Beer.
Our small team in Walthamstow have spent 6 years developing the Pinter; patent pending cutting-edge technology to give people Fresh Beer at home.
Now, for the first time in history, seamless, unprecedented quality fresh beer can be made in your own home, opening the door to a new world of beer at your fingertips. 
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RT : Find me this Saturday at the arts market with loads of fellow & , co…
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