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A Second Chance:
Winter had fallen. The dragons were all dead. The lions were fading and the roses were wilting. War still ravaged the south, famine and poverty covered the Riverlands, and White Walkers descended on the north. The entire realm was about to fall into the darkness.

But she could save them. She could chose to rewrite it all, to use magic to make the world right again. Melisandre warned her that it came with a price, all magic did. But she had nothing left to lose in this realm. Everyone she had ever loved was dead. Whatever price the new world came at, she would pay it. Even if meant her existence was erased, saving those that she loved was worth it.
GameofThrones  Jon/Sansa  first.time  makenalei  timetravel  fix-it  au  au:mirror  Arya/Gendry  wip  PrinceJon  JonTargaryen 
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arya/gendry  au  au:mirror  first.time  fix-it  gameofthrones  jon/sansa  jontargaryen  princejon  timetravel  wip 

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