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[App of the Week] School Your Friends With This Awesome World Cup Predictions App
Kiss My Score
The 2018 World Cup is just kicking off and soccer fans need Kiss My Score, an easy, convenient way to compete with friends and predict matches.
**  Kiss  My  Score  allows  you  to  easily  join  Facebook  friends’  leagues  or  create  your  own.  Make  predictions  and  follow  games  in  real  time. 
2 days ago by matzner
Gwen's Guides: 2 Apps to Make Your Pictures More Instaglammable
So your Instagram posts are frankly boring and dull. You want to upload regularly, and multiple times a day but you don’t know what to post so you end up with some half-baked selfies. Not to worry – with these apps, you might be able to transform your Instagram feed into one that showcases nothing...

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Gwen’s  Guides:  2  Apps  to  Make  Your  Pictures  More  Instaglammable 
5 days ago by vrzone
The open source modular smart mirror platform. MagicMirror² is Open Source, free and maintained by a big group of enthusiasts. Got a nice idea? Send us a pull request and become a part of the big list of contributors. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  make  rpi 
11 days ago by sakowitz

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