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Oh, the Humanities!
Ross Douthat, in the NY Times: "[A] hopeful road map to humanism’s recovery might include variations on those older themes. First, a return of serious academic interest in the possible (I would say likely) truth of religious claims. Second, a regained sense of history as a repository of wisdom and example rather than just a litany of crimes and wrongthink. Finally, a cultural recoil from the tyranny of the digital and the virtual and the Very Online, today’s version of the technocratic, technological, potentially totalitarian Machine that Jacobs’s Christian humanists opposed."
nytimes  rossdouthat  humanities  liberalarts  majors  highered  academia 
january 2019 by warnick
Aristotle’s Wrongful Death
Frank Bruni, in the NY Times: "Part of the skepticism toward traditional majors reflects a correct feeling that at some schools, some fields of study and course offerings are preserved largely because the faculty have a selfish investment in the status quo. If seats in the classroom are perpetually empty and money is sorely needed elsewhere, colleges shouldn’t ignore that. But it’s a balancing act, because colleges shouldn’t lose sight of what makes traditional majors — even the arcane ones — so meaningful, especially now."
frankbruni  nytimes  education  majors  humanities  liberalarts  highered  academia 
january 2019 by warnick
Women earn most STEM degrees — Joanne Jacobs
Women earn more bachelor’s and graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and math — if biology, health care and medicine counts as science. And surely it should.
University  majors  genderissues  perry  jacobs 
december 2018 by HispanicPundit
Since the economic crisis of 2008, the pattern of undergraduate majors has been shifting across American higher education. Of all the major disciplines, history has seen the steepest declines in the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded.
History  academic_programs  majors  higher-education-trends 
november 2018 by lnidoh
2018 British Open Odds
What a week at Shinnecock. From the laughable conditions on Saturday, to Phil Mickelson’s putting meltdown, to Brooks Koepka’s bounce off the grandstand on the 72nd hole, most players are happy to put the US Open behind them. The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has released odds for next month’s British Open from Carnoustie, with Dustin Johnson as […]

The post 2018 British Open Odds appeared first on WagerTalk News .
Golf  Picks  and  Odds  british  open  majors  championship 
june 2018 by WagerTalk
Broadcast Hysteria: Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News
For more information: On the evening of October 30, 1938, radio listeners across the United States heard a startling report…
video  majors  history  118 
february 2018 by wcaleb
Best Jobs For Humanities Majors | PayScale
A surprising number of Senior Marketing Directors hold a bachelor's degree in English Literature. With a median mid-career salary of more than $100,000, that's a good argument to use against anybody who says English is a waste of time. Other popular, high-paying jobs popular with English majors are Executive Editor, Content Strategist, Editorial Director and Senior Technical Writer.
humanities  majors  laterlife  higher-ed  college 
september 2017 by StJohnBosco
Spotify Premium users will get some albums two weeks before free users - The Verge
Spotify has agreed to a new licensing agreement with Universal Music Group, the companies announced today. As part of the deal, Spotify has agreed to allow new albums from Universal artists to be restricted to its premium service for up to two weeks moving forward, confirming our report from last month. Spotify will also pay slightly less to UMG in royalty fees, according to sources close to the situation.

In a statement, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek admitted that Spotify understands that its policy of releasing albums across its entire service couldn’t last forever. “We know that not every album by every artist should be released the same way, and we’ve worked hard with UMG to develop a new, flexible release policy,” Ek stated. “Starting today, Universal artists can choose to release new albums on premium only for two weeks, offering subscribers an earlier chance to explore the complete creative work, while the singles are available across Spotify for all our listeners to enjoy.”
spotify  musique  abonnement  majors  négociation  modèle  freemium  payant  windowing 
april 2017 by sentinelle
Gregory Wolniak on Maximizing Post-Graduation Earnings - The Atlantic
Wolniak: Majors are the single biggest driver of earnings. Deciding your major plays a bigger role in determining your career earnings than does where you go to school or even deciding whether or not to attend at all. In other words, the average between attending and not attending is less than the differences we see among bachelor’s completers once we compare earnings across fields.
majors  university  costs  AtlanticMonthly 
february 2017 by HispanicPundit
Ten Points on the Wrong Side of History, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
5. When I actually look at historians' Big Pictures, they're even worse than their liberal bias suggests.  Economic illiteracy is rampant.  Social Desirability Bias rules the day.  And moral relativism reigns supreme.
history  majors  caplan 
december 2016 by HispanicPundit
Les majors du disque attaquent YouTube-MP3 [et non YouTube] en justice
Après avoir dénoncé au début du mois les méfaits du « stream ripping », l’industrie musicale passe à l’offensive. YouTube-MP3, considéré comme un leader mondial dans ce domaine, vient d’être attaqué en justice aux États-Unis par les principales majors du disque.

Avec ses 60 millions de visiteurs uniques par mois, le site administré par Philip Matesanz est accusé d’avoir engrangé ces dernières années plusieurs « millions de dollars » de revenus publicitaires. Le tout sans verser un centime aux ayants droit, qui l’ont assigné hier devant un tribunal californien pour de multiples atteintes à leur copyright ainsi que pour détournement de mesures techniques de protection.

Et pour cause. YouTube-MP3 permet de télécharger le son d’une vidéo YouTube (musique d’un clip par exemple), simplement en fournissant son adresse URL. Il s’agit en ce sens d’un convertisseur gratuit, qui ne nécessite pour l’utilisateur aucun logiciel.

Cela fait des années que cette plateforme de stream ripping se voit menacée de poursuites. Mais ce coup-ci, c’est une action coordonnée au niveau international par l’IFPI, la Fédération internationale de l’industrie phonographique, qui vient d’être lancée, avec l’appui de la RIAA aux États-Unis et de la BPI au Royaume-Uni. La procédure visant YouTube-MP3 et son administrateur, Philip Matesanz, est ainsi déposée au nom de grandes majors : Warner, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, etc.
YouTube-MP3  plainte  majors  musique  stream-ripping 
september 2016 by sentinelle

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