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GNU Mailman / Barry Warsaw
GNU Mailman has been around since the early 1990s, when John Viega wrote the first version to connect fans with the nascent Dave Matthews Band, the members of which he was friends with in college. This early version came to the attention of the Python community in the mid-'90s, when the center of the Python universe had moved from CWI, a scientific research institute in the Netherlands, to CNRI, the Corporation for National Research Initiatives in Reston, Virginia, USA. At CNRI we were running various Python-related mailing lists using Majordomo, a Perl-based mailing list manager. Of course, it just wouldn't do for the Python world to be maintaining so much Perl code. More importantly, because of its design, we found that modifying Majordomo for our purposes (such as to add minimal anti-spam measures) was too difficult.
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december 2016 by vielmetti
MajorDoMo: open source smart home platform
MajorDoMo (Major Domestic Module) is an open-source home automation platform aimed to be used in multi-protocol and multi-services environment. It is based on web-technologies stack and ready to be delivered to any modern device. It is very flexible in configuration with OOP paradigm used to set up automation rules and scripts. This platform can be installed on almost any personal computer running Windows or Linux OS.
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june 2016 by cyberchucktx
this is a world disease prevalence map, assembled by ProMED, a LISTSERV organization, with the help and sponsorship of
HealthMap at Children's Hospital Boston.
The mail site is:
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november 2013 by Cloudwalker
Linux - Software - Email Mailing List / Majordomo commands (Official site)
Follow lint at top: "help overview". Commands from Greatcircle, the developer of Majordomo, applicable also elsewhere.
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november 2010 by jariaalto
A potentially amazing timesaver. Personally shopper cum household organizer.
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july 2009 by heliostatic - Subscribe, unsubscribe and send commands to mailing and discussion lists and groups.Mailing Lists,Discussion Lists.Email,email. is a free tool that makes the process of subscribing, unsubscribing and sending commands to 878 mailing and discussion lists (in categories such as law, art, music, computers, news, business, humor and more) easy. You don't have to remember which commands to send to some obscure e-mail address to subscribe or unsubscribe. If you have been here before, check out what new lists have been added on our What's New Page.
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Configuring Majordomo Lists via Email Commands
All majordomo commands are sent to It is also important to note that all commands are sent in the body of the message.

To configure a list, first retrieve the lists configuration file by sending an email to with the following in the body of the message:
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