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Missing boaters found safe off New York coast - Portland Press Herald
UPDATE: Missing boaters from MDI were found safe off the coast of Montauk.
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Cool 'ice circle' in Haynesville, !

form on outer bends in rivers where the accelerating water c…
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3 days ago by jcoffey42
Skowhegan Summer Residency Fellowship
RISD participates in Skowhegan's Matching Fellowship Program and you may be eligible to receive $3,000 in funding from Skowhegan and $3,000 from RISD to cover the entire cost of tuition ($6,000). RISD currently funds at least two students or alumni if they're accepted to Skowhegan.

Skowhegan is an intensive nine-week summer residency program for emerging visual artists established in 1946. Skowhegan seeks each year to bring together a diverse group of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to artmaking and inquiry, creating the most stimulating and rigorous environment possible for a concentrated period of artistic creation, interaction, and growth. Located on an historic farm in rural Maine, the campus serves as a critical component of the program. Neither a school in the traditional sense nor a retreat, Skowhegan draws its vitality from the community created through the talent and energy of the participants, and the distinguished Faculty of Resident and Visiting Artists who provide them with support and critical assistance.

Sixty-five participants are accepted annually. While on campus, participants are given individual studio spaces, as well as access to a sculpture studio, a fresco studio, a media lab, a library, a rich community of artists, and acres of farmland, forests, and lakefront. Alumni report that the Skowhegan experience has a profound effect on their work and their lives.

•You can be enrolled when you apply and returning to RISD after the summer residency, or graduated from RISD when you undertake the residency.
•Alumni are eligible for the RISD matching Fellowship, however, currently enrolled students take priority for funding.
•Non-U.S. Citizens are eligible.
•You should have a working knowledge of English.
•You must be at least 21 years of age at the start of the program.
•Collaborative teams must apply using one application to represent the entire team.
•Financial status is not a consideration in the admissions process, and financial need should not deter artists from applying for admission.
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15 days ago by risdgrants
The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles | Environment | The Guardian
By 2016, bottled water sales had surpassed soda as the largest US beverage category, with Americans consuming 12.8bn gallons that year....

In Fryeburg, Maine, resident Nickie Sekera says the small former timber town’s fire department once offered a spigot from which residents could draw free water if a well ran dry or another problem necessitated it.

The fire department, however, replaced the spigot with free bottles of Nestlé’s Poland Spring water. Though it’s a relatively minor change, Sekera said the symbolism is strong: “It speaks – there’s no doubt about that.”

Some Fryeburg residents have been attempting to dislodge Nestlé since the early 2000s. Several rounds of fights have played out at the ballot box and state court system – Nestlé won most. In a recent legal challenge that went to the Maine supreme court, justices upheld a deal allowing Nestlé to pull between 75m and 220m gallons annually from a Fryeburg well for 45 years.

As part of its comprehensive Fryeburg public relations campaign, Nestlé presents itself as longtime Maine label Poland Springs, which it acquired in 1992, instead of a Swiss multinational, Sekera said. It donated to the local boy scouts, bought the high school ski team new ski equipment, and sponsored a fair, among other small acts.

In April, before a Maine legislature committee vote on new protections for state water, Nestlé launched an approximately $1m Facebook ad blitz targeting the region.

Meanwhile, Maine’s regulatory apparatus is stacked with former Nestlé employees or contractors. The Maine Public Utilities Commission was set to rule on the Fryeburg water deal in 2013 when it was revealed the three commissioners considering the case included a former Nestlé lobbyist, attorney, and consultant. Former governor Paul LePage last year appointed a Nestlé manager to the state’s environmental protection board, while former Nestlé lobbyist Patricia Aho previously ran the state’s department of environmental protection.

According to Food and Water Watch, Nestlé or its lobbyists donated $634,000 to Maine politicians between 2001 and 2012.

“They’re in bed together,” Swinton said.
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17 days ago by jonippolito
Maine is racing toward a floating wind farm | Granite Geek
“Despite setbacks and delays, the UMaine project is likely to be the first floating commercial-scale wind farm in the U.S.” says Portland Press-Herald’s Tux Turkel, probably the most experienced energy reporter still writing for a New England newspaper.
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19 days ago by eversourcenh
You can really do ANYTHING with a liberal arts education. ⚾️🧢
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21 days ago by pjmorse
RT : hemp farmers "blindsided" as bank, insurance accounts are canceled. FYI, growing hemp is legal and it doesn'…
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28 days ago by mshook
RT : It’s kinda fun reading the freak-outs on Twitter as Southern experiences what we go through in the Oxford Hi…
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4 weeks ago by mshook
RT : . now is reporting more than 40,000 customers without power in eastern . More than 5,000 of them are…
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4 weeks ago by mshook
Hadn't gone on an island walkabout in a few weeks. It just never gets old.

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