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Shadows in Starlight - Vathara - Star Wars, Rurouni Kenshin
What if Obi-Wan found more than the tractor beam's location in the Death Star files? (133,997 words)
vathara  starwars  rurounikenshin  fusion  au  awesome-all  awesome-long  magnificent 
january 2019 by theodosia21
The Most Valuable Resource - HerenorThereNearnorFar - The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
The children of elves die easily, for their souls are thinly bound to their bodies and their fate is to endure but not survive. So when faced with a young hostage he really can't afford to let fade away, Sauron is very careful not to do anything too traumatizing.


Luckily Feanor's grandson is an interesting child to babysit. (13,509 words)
tolkien  awesome-all  awesome-short  magnificent  download.this 
january 2019 by theodosia21
Once More unto the Breach - nivo - Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
When life gives you lemons, remind it that you have nitroglycerin. Poor fucker never stood a chance. (5,466 words)
my.hero.academia  awesome-all  awesome-short  magnificent  oneshot 
september 2018 by theodosia21
Not Ready to Swallow Oblivion - the_rck - Sky High (2005)
Layla kind of hated having to hope that all Warren wanted was pets because that meant admitting that it was up to him. Everything that happened-- or didn’t-- was at the whim of a fifteen year old boy who’d decided he wanted them based on a week’s acquaintance. She supposed it wouldn’t matter much to her or her friends if Warren destroyed them accidentally or deliberately, just how much it hurt getting there. (125,005 words)
sky.high  the_rck  awesome-all  awesome-long  magnificent  dark  au  download.this 
june 2018 by theodosia21
The House in Plano, Illinois designed by Mies van der in 1945 and constructed in 195…
magnificent  Rohe  Farnsworth  from twitter_favs
april 2018 by ljegou
ANBU Legacy
ANBU Legacy is a collaborative multi-part serial novel. It’s based on the world setting of Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. ANBU Legacy is an alternative universe to Kishimoto’s setting, that takes place in a Konohagakure where the the fourth Hokage defeated the Kyuubi—and lived. It focuses on the young men and women of ANBU, who took the vow to defend Yondaime and the village at all costs, set for the most part in the fifth year of Yondaime’s reign.
naruto  awesome-all  awesome-long  magnificent  au 
march 2018 by theodosia21
Meditative Aids - karanguni - Machineries of Empire Series - Yoon Ha Lee
When Mikodez had told his parents, I am going to enrol in the Academy, they had every last one of them looked at Mikodez with faint amusement and beleaguered tolerance and cautioned him that the Andan were, honestly, terribly pedantic in their own boring way, and did he really think, Miki, that he had the patience to withstand endless discussions on the philosophy of aesthetics?

'Shuos Academy,' Mikodez had qualified, patiently. (10,879 words)
Machineries.of.Empire  karanguni  awesome-all  awesome-long  magnificent 
january 2018 by theodosia21
Accustomed To Disguise - emilyenrose - 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire (TV)
Jingyan tucked his hands into his sleeves and said with serene and infinite calm, “I am going to kill him.” (5,710 words)  awesome-all  awesome-short  humor  magnificent  emilyenrose 
january 2018 by theodosia21
And I Alone Have Escaped To Tell You - astolat - Transformers Generation One
“What wrong with Cyclonus?” Grimlock asked.

“Beats me,” Ironhide said. “He got all squirrelly soon as we walked in here, went nuts and started asking me what year it is. You can’t have been driftin’ that long; doc said you were only thirteen years off the line.”

Cyclonus slowly raised his head and looked at them: he had not been wrong, he thought distantly. They were his brothers in arms; they would be. And every other Autobot in this city—and the very city itself—would be dead. He was in a parallel universe, but one so close to his own that it was nearly identical. The only real difference was—a hiccup in time. A single missed heartbeat of the universe. Thirteen years. And only scant days left to stop it all from happening again. To save Cybertron, to save the Autobots, to save the Decepticons— (58,202 words)
transformers  astolat  awesome-all  awesome-long  magnificent 
december 2017 by theodosia21
History Changes With Time
Joshua Faraday has been through a lot in his time. He's seen wars fought for many different reasons, has fought on the side of his father and against him. He's hunted his uncle and helped hide him. He's been hunted himself from time to time. The one thing that has not changed is the that the faces always do. When its finally his turn for the ghosts to start popping up, he may need more than his skill with a gun and his healing ability to help him through. Good thing he's got a whole team behind him who is more than willing to cover for him and his somehow not dead boyfriend willing to smack him upside the head if he does something stupid.
magnificent  seven 
july 2017 by Hann2ma
Minor Quests
There was nothing particularly extraordinary that Josh could see at a glance. He had a cut high on one cheek that could have come from any number of things during the skirmish, the edges of it bruise-dark though it wasn’t especially large or nasty. His eyes were the same green as always - just this side of too bright to be natural though that particular oddity was one that most folk were willing to forgive, writing it off as a fault of their memories making him seem somehow more than he really was. His hair was on the shorter side, a dark, rusty ginger - one of the few traits from his mother that had held fast through the elven blood - and it curled over his forehead in places, tufting out in front of his ears like anyone’s might a handful of months out from a proper cut.

That was where the illusion fell apart, though. The ears. It was always the ears that gave him away.
magnificent  seven 
july 2017 by Hann2ma
Which was why when Sam approached him about two months after the Battle of Rose Creek and told him that the rest of them where going to stick together, he panicked.

Or where Faraday has a secret and he leaves before the others find out. Shame they won't let him.
magnificent  seven 
july 2017 by Hann2ma
Trust Falls and Probability Exercises
"Immediately, he realized that his hands were tied together in front of him, with barely an inch of give to the rope, and that there was a lingering pain that suggested he had been hit hard on the back of the head. It matched nicely with the throbbing ache in his leg, one that didn’t fade even when he managed to straighten it underneath him. More importantly, his guns, belt, hat, and cards were all gone.

Great. Fantastic. Someone was definitely going to get shot for this."

Or, a post-canon AU where nobody died and also they have superpowers.
magnificent  seven 
july 2017 by Hann2ma
With Fervent Heat
"He can count on one hand the number of times he’s used his bending in the twenty years it’s been since his ma died. He learned fairly quickly that it was easier just to pretend he wasn’t a bender, so he taught himself how to fight with guns and lead instead of smoke and sparks."

In which six of the seven are benders and Faraday really, really needs a hug.
magnificent  seven 
july 2017 by Hann2ma
The Difference Between What is Never to Be and What Never Was
Faraday wakes up.

(Or the groundhog day!au that I couldn't stop thinking about.)
magnificent  seven 
july 2017 by Hann2ma

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