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High-Angular Resolution Dust Polarization Measurements: Shaped B-field Lines in the Massive Star Forming Region Orion BN/KL. (arXiv:1006.2957v2 [astro-ph.GA] UPDATED)
The position angles (P.A.s) of the observed polarization vary significantly by a total of about 90 degree but smoothly, i.e., curl-like, across the dust ridges. Such a polarization pattern can be explained with dust grains being magnetically aligned instead of mechanically with outflows, since the latter mechanism would cause the P.A.s to be parallel to the direction of the outflow, i.e., radial-like.
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june 2010 by desaprobado
The Earth’s magnetic field remains a charged mystery
Professor Gregory Ryskin from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University in Illinois, US, has defied the long-standing convention by applying equations from magnetohydrodynamics to our oceans’ salt water (which conducts electricity) and found that the long-term changes (the secular variation) in the Earth’s main magnetic field are possibly induced by our oceans’ circulation.
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june 2009 by thepha
The Sun Does a Flip
next of sun's magnetic pole flips in 2012
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december 2008 by travisfw
Click opera - Looking for a certain ratio
"(...) I expressed some perplexity with the idea that, like some sort of fractal, every microcosm in American life should feature the exact same proportions as the macrocosm"
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may 2006 by yhancik

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