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RT : Today’s our last day for the and Hackathon. We’re finalizing the presentation and only 2 hours…
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6 days ago by Qriator
H&M x Moschino Team Up With Magic Leap For AR Fashion Show Experience - VRScout
Attendees at H&M’s latest fashion show didn’t just see the brand’s hottest looks on the runway – they experienced them up close and personal in AR. Thanks to a collaboration by Magic Leap, H&M, Moschino, and Warpin Media, guests were able to interact with the eclectic collection through an unforgettable eight minute immersive fashion experience following the traditional runway show.
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10 days ago by dancall
Magic Leap says Magicverse will connect LuminOS apps and rival devices | VentureBeat
After casually using the word “Magicverse” to describe all the apps and games tied into Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform, the company officially trademarked the name in July. Now the concept is taking another step forward at the L.E.A.P. conference today in Los Angeles: CEO Rony Abovitz today explained the company’s Magicverse concept — an initiative to create a persistent collection of Magic Leap experiences that can also be accessed by non-Magic Leap devices.
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4 weeks ago by lorenzowood
The Magic Leap Con
After years of intense secrecy and relative silence, in August, Magic Leap finally launched its flagship product, a mixed reality rig featuring goggles, a control wand, and clip-on computer pack, to developers, who could purchase it for $2,295. This week, the company held its inaugural developer conference, to try to entice third-party creators, and to introduce the gear to a wider audience. In many ways, this is the final stage of the product’s public debut. In 2015, Abovitz told Wired, “When we launch it, it is going to be huge.” After spending two days at LEAPcon, I feel it is my duty—in the name of instilling a modicum of sanity into an age where a company that has never actually sold a product to a consumer can be worth a billion dollars more than the entire GDP of Fiji—to inform you that it is not.
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4 weeks ago by DirkSonguer
The Magic Leap con • Gizmodo
Brian Merchant:
<p>As many have noted, the hardware is still extremely limiting. The technology underpinning these experiences seems genuinely advanced, and if it were not for a multi-year blitzkrieg marketing campaign insisting a reality where pixels blend seamlessly with IRL physics was imminent, it might have felt truly impressive. (Whether or not it’s advanced enough to eventually give rise to Leap’s prior promises is an entirely open question at this point.) For now, the field of vision is fairly small and unwieldy, so images are constantly vanishing from view as you look around. If you get too close to them, objects will get chopped up or move awkwardly. And if you do get a good view, some objects appear low res and transparent; some looked like cheap holograms from an old sci-fi film. Text was bleary and often doubled up in layers that made it hard to read, and white screens looked harsh—I loaded Google on the Helio browser and immediately had to shut my eyes.

According to Magic Leap, over 1,000 people had signed up to be here. Why?, I wanted to ask all of them at once. Do you think this is the future? Do you <em>really?</em></p>

I'll reiterate my prediction that pretty soon Magic Leap will pivot to industrial applications, which might exist.
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4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
The Magic Leap Con
You know that weird sensation when it feels like everyone around you is participating in some mild mass hallucination, and you missed the dosing? The old ‘what am I possibly missing here’ phenomenon? That’s how I felt at LEAP a lot of the time, amidst crowds of people dropping buzzwords and acronym soup at light speed, and then again while I was reading reviews of the device afterwards—somehow, despite years of failing to deliver anything of substance, lots of the press is still in Leap’s thrall. (Augmented and virtual reality stories are catnip for tech journalists; they set an easy scene with a gripping lede: I’m staring up at a massive blue whale, and I swear it could swallow me whole—but it’s all in my goggles, etc.) Demo after demo, I felt like, sure, that was kind of neat. The games were charming, if often glitchy and simplistic, and yes, it might be helpful for architects to be able to blow up and walk around their designs. I liked the developers, who were smart and funny. Some of the graphics and interactions were very nicely rendered. But there wasn’t anything—besides a single demo, which I’ll get to in a second—that I’d feel compelled to ever do again. It felt genuinely crazy to me that people could get too excited about this, especially after years of decent VR and the Hololens, without having a distinct monetary incentive to do so.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Magic Leap disappointment
One tech writer feels decidedly meh
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5 weeks ago by nelson
Rovio unveils new Angry Birds game for Magic Leap – Lovely Mobile News
Rovio Entertainment and Resolution Games revealed details of their upcoming mixed reality (MR) game for Magic Leap One Creator Edition, Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot.
Coming this autumn, Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot will provide a first-person slingshot to let players see incredibly realistic animated characters and objects overlaid onto their actual environment, bringing Angry Birds to life like never before – right in users’ homes. - via Simon Gill
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8 weeks ago by dancall

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