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The Malaika Job, by lovebeyondmeasure
Gen. "Through a mouthful of cereal, Parker added, “If we were gonna make someone disappear, we wouldn’t forget to get rid of their boarding passes. This is sloppy work.”

“You got some milk- uh-huh, right there,” Eliot said to her. “Yeah, that sounds like someone forgot some loose ends. What were they doing in Malaika, though? That’s a hotbed of some weird stuff.”

“Weird? Weird how? Your weird, my weird, what weird?” Hardison asked."
Leverage  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Eliot.Spencer  Alec.Hardison  Parker  Nathan.Ford  Sophie.Devereaux  Maggie.Collins  James.Sterling  Original.Male.Character(s)  10000-14999.words 
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hackthis: Leverage – Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady (Parker/Maggie, Hardison/Eliot, PG-13)
Awesome and funny account of Parker's attempt to date Maggie. I love the dynamics and banter between Parker, Eliot and Hardison!

"She's not Nate's Maggie, she's divorced him because he's a martyr and a drunk and uncommunicative."

"Uh, where did you hear that?" Hardison asks.

Parker grins. "Oprah."
fic  author:hackthis  leverage  femslash  slash  parker(leverage)  maggie.collins  parker/maggie  alec.hardison  eliot.spencer  alec/eliot 
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10000-14999.words  alec/eliot  alec.hardison  author:hackthis  author:lyssie  eliot.spencer  femslash  fic  gen  genre.gen  james.sterling  leverage  original.male.character(s)  parker/maggie  parker(leverage)  parker  slash  sophie.devereaux 

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