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Magazine Archives - Indian-American Community Magazine in Atlanta, GA |
2018, Jan: Page 40; PAN & AADHAAR Cards; from confusion to clarity.
2018, Jan: Page 44; Cookies & Buiscuits. The witty wordsmith, Shashi Tharoor takes a mirthful look at the old adage that Britain and U.S. are countries divided by a common language.
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Like The Wind Magazine - A Unique Running Magazine
Like the Wind is a quarterly magazine for runners, by runners – beautifully illustrated and printed on matte paper.
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Samovar - Submit
We want good speculative fiction stories in translation! If your story doesn't have a speculative element, or strong speculative-fiction sensibilities, it's probably not for us. If it is not a translation, it's not for us. We like fiction from or about traditionally under-represented groups, unusual yet readable styles and inventive structures and narratives, and stories that address political issues in complex and nuanced ways, resisting oversimplification.

What we pay and what we buy

For newly translated stories, accompanied by the original-language version, we pay 6 US cents per word to the author, and 6 US cents per word to the translator, up to a maximum word count of 5,000 words. (We can consider longer pieces, but regret that we will have to cap payment at $300 to the translator and $300 to the author). We buy first-printing world exclusive English-language and non-exclusive original language rights (including audio rights for both languages) for six (6) months.
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Liminal Stories
Liminal Stories publishes the beautiful, heartbreaking and strange. The
online literary magazine is edited by Shannon Peavey, Kelly Sandoval and
Helena Bell. 
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Salvage | Bleak is the new red.
Salvage is a quarterly of revolutionary arts and letters.

Salvage is edited and written by and for the desolated Left, by and for those committed to radical change, sick of capitalism and its sadisms, and sick too of the Left’s bad faith and bullshit.

Salvage has earned its pessimism. Salvage yearns for that pessimism to be proved wrong.

Salvage commits to publishing essays, poems, art and fiction without sectarian, stylistic or formal constraint. Salvage requires only that they cleave to liberation.

Salvage does not believe the first, last and only word with regard to prose style was passed down on a stone tablet by Orwell in one overrated essay.

Salvage survives only on the generosity and solidarity of its readers. Please subscribe, donate, and persuade your friends, comrades and institution(s) to take out subscriptions, too.

Salvage has big plans. Be there at their foundations.
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