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By The Hideyn Scrybe Ywrit by apiphile (A Knight's Tale)
Chaucer's the name, writing's the game. Geoffrey Chaucer, undercover journalist in 2009 London gangland.
modernAU  AU  fic  knight's.tale  10000+  chaucer/wat  yuletide  mafiaAU 
january 2012 by marcopolo
PARDON MY FRENCH. - The Eagle Fic - One Percenters (AU)
Marcus doesn’t always wear a helmet. After one life-threatening crash under his belt, he figures he’s paid his dues and he gets to decide for himself how much risk he wants to undertake. But he carries a spare, anyhow, just in case he picks up a rider.

And in this case that potential rider is Esca, who has already stashed his own motocross helmet somewhere and is looking at the one Marcus is trying to hand him like it’s going to bite him. “I’m good, thanks.”

Marcus doesn’t back off. “You ride with me, I’m responsible for you, you wear it.”

Esca stares at him, and is, maybe, about to take it, when suddenly a cadre of riders saunter up behind him.

One of them bumps his shoulder against Esca, half-mock-aggressive. “Who’s this guy?” He gives Marcus a long up and down look. “Tell him nothin’ he can teach you, you don’t already know.”
undercover  au  theeagle  marcus/esca  Cops&Robbers  mafiaAU  drugs  motorcycles 
june 2011 by inteligrrl
Finders, Keepers - laceymcbain - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
From the beginning of their relationship, Eames has always been the one to find Arthur. A story in which Arthur is kidnapped, Eames is a hopeless romantic, the past informs the present, and true love conquers all.
Inception  backstory  military  au  awesome  DADT  EstablishedRelationship  arthur/eames  kidnapping  mafiaAU 
may 2011 by inteligrrl
This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name) - leupagus - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Danny comes fully prepared to hate it. Hawaii's got all the characteristics of a grade-A tourist trap shithole: sunburned, sand-encrusted, crowded and overpriced, with a language he suspects was invented specifically to make people nervous. Between the morons he deals with here and the headcases he deals with back in Jersey, Danny's this close most days to just saying "fuck it" and grabbing Gracie, maybe Mr. Hoppy too, and making off with the three million he's got stashed in a few overseas accounts. They could make a nice life in Morocco, or maybe Rome. Somewhere with tricky extraditions and good food.

He wishes he could say it's loyalty to the family that keeps him on the straight and narrow, but mostly it's the fact that Rachel would find him, drag him home, and make the brief remainder of his life unpleasant and painful. Piss off the Mafia, you're in trouble; piss off an Edwards, you're fucked.
Mobsters  mafiaAU  au  steve/danny  h50  danny/steve  epic 
march 2011 by inteligrrl
pinstripesuit: this is what I did at work today
So there was a huge mafia crackdown the other day. The Department of Justice put up the FBI reports on their web site, so I've been reading through them mostly because they list the hilarious nicknames a lot of the mobsters went by.


Jack the Whack
Vinny Carwash
Baby Shacks
Tony Bagels

I was talking about this with [info]megkips and we decided there needs to be a "Your Mafia Name" a'la "Your Porn Star Name" which is like [your childhood pet's name] + [the street you grew up on]. So "Your Mafia Name" is now [a nickname form of your first name] + either [a sound effect] or [a synonym for "fat"]. Mine is Nicky Kablam.
ficauthorfun  mafiaAU  Mobsters  humor 
january 2011 by inteligrrl
blackwayfarers: [Fic] I Believe in America MASTERPOST
The Jonas Mafia Family is on the brink of greatness. The most respected name in New Jersey organized crime, they're set to break into the big leagues. At twenty, Joe is the youngest captain in the family; he's got his own crew, loyal soldiers, a pocketful of cash, and the best family he could ask for: Kevin, older brother and heir to the Family throne; Zac, his adopted brother set on a normal college life; David, his closest friend and best soldier; and Nick.

Things are changing, though. Nick, only seventeen, is rising in the ranks. The better Nick does, the riskier things get for him and Joe is having a hard time accepting that his brother is getting closer to real danger. As their Family inches towards to an all-out war with another gang, Joe has to wrestle between his duty as a soldier and his duty as a brother.
JonasBros  zacefronslash  mafiaAU  alternateuniverse 
august 2010 by inteligrrl
mychemicalslash: godspeed us to sea [AU]
Frank's an undercover cop, and Mikey's made a deal to get his brother out of the mob.
frank/gerard  mcr  bandom  alternateuniverse  mafiaAU 
january 2010 by inteligrrl
bandombigbang: Three Cheers for Tyranny [master post]
Mafia AU. Loyalty – Respect – Honesty: values Frank takes to heart when he steps into position as Gerard Way's bodyguard and confidant.
frank/gerard  alternateuniverse  mafiaAU  bandom  MCR 
july 2009 by inteligrrl

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