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101 (Fiberglass) Cows Are Coming To The Madonna Inn: SFist
Organizers of the roving series of fiberglass and painted life-sized cows known as CowParade decided that to kick things off in SLO they should put all the artwork in one spot (it is traditionally placed around a city). And what better place for 101 unique cows than the 110-unique roomed Madonna Inn?
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Madonna Inn - Landmark resort hotel on California's Central Coast
Madonna Inn redefines unique with 110 whimsical guestrooms, enchanting décor, and resort amenities, including a luxurious Spa, horseback riding, boutique shopping, terrace pool and bar, and two award-winning dining experiences. Madonna Inn is your gateway to Central Coast Wine Country and minutes from historic, downtown San Luis Obispo, CA.
Winter  2016  February  USWest  California  BWRT  CentralCoast  Region:  California  Central  Coast  SanLuisObispoCounty  MadonnaInn  SanLuisObispo  vacation 
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Umberto Eco on the Madonna Inn
The poor words with which natural human speech is provided cannot suffice to describe the Madonna Inn. To convey its external appearance, divided into a series of constructions, which you reach by way...
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Madonna Inn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Madonna Inn opened as a motel inn on December 24, 1958 upon the completion of its first twelve rooms. Demand was sufficient to expand to forty rooms in 1959, and the Inn facility was constructed in 1960. In 1966, the Inn's original units were burned to the ground in a dramatic fire. It reopened a year later, and by the end of the decade, all of the rooms had been rebuilt in the unique and ornate style they are known for today. There are 110 rooms.
Spring  2015  April  USWest  California  SanLuisObispoCounty  CentralCoast  Region:  California  Central  Coast  BWRT  vacation  MadonnaInn 
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The Madonna Inn | Inside
If you thought the outside of The Madonna Inn was over the top, just wait until you see the inside! We arrived in November, and it was decorated for Christmas! There was pink every where you looked, from the tufted Victorian type chairs to the tablecloths and napkins. There were Christmas trees flocked with white snow, tucked into every corner.
Spring  2015  April  USWest  California  SanLuisObispoCounty  CentralCoast  Region:  California  Central  Coast  BWRT  vacation  MadonnaInn  SanLuisObispo 
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3 hikes down (Carmel, Limekiln & Salmon Creek), chillaxin' at , before dinner.
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Los Angeles Times: A rehab center is praised -- and vilified
Sunny Acres, operated by Dan de Vaul on his 72-acre ranch west of the city limits and famed Madonna Inn, is seen by some as a needed haven for homeless addicts and by others as an eyesore and threat to health and safety. For eight years, De Vaul has battled neighbors and San Luis Obispo County code enforcement officers as he's converted his land from cattle range to a thriving hub of mostly illegal money-making ventures. He sells scrap metal from heaps, salvages parts from dozens of rusty vehicles and hawks produce and nursery stock from a stand near the ranch's entry on busy Los Osos Valley Road. Christine Mulholland isn't charmed. They are enemies with similar backgrounds, both from pioneering California families. Mulholland's great-grandfather was William Mulholland, the Los Angeles water czar who built the aqueduct from the Owens Valley to the city. She admires enterprise but says there's a right way to do it. De Vaul's ancestors have ranched in the area since the late 1800s.
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