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fic_promptly | Wednesday: Technology
Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa (& or / any), the War Rig
2017/11  MadMaxFuryRoad  Lonely 
november 2017 by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Monday: Space
Mad Max: Fury Road, the Dag (& or / any), satellites
2017/11  MadMaxFuryRoad  Lonely 
november 2017 by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Thursday: Bruce Springsteen Songs/Lyrics
Mad Max: Fury Road, any,

And God save the rider in the black night
Save the man who taught that it was right
To do what they have done, girl
To become what we have become
2017/05  MadMaxFuryRoad  Lonely 
june 2017 by fic_promptly
'Mad Max: Fury Road': The Story Behind Its Most Insane Stunts - Rolling Stone
Stunt coordinator Guy Norris breaks down blockbuster's craziest no-CGI thrills
furyroad  madmax  madmaxfuryroad  stunts 
april 2017 by laurenipsum
The Male Power Fantasy (and why Mad Max and Captain Kirk don't fit)
This relates to a theory I have, which is that the archetypal Western Male Hero is James Bond, to the degree that people (Mainly straight white men) start to see every Western Male Hero as James Bond. Which is to say an aggressively masculine, quip-spitting, hyper violent womanizer. The ultimate Male Power Fantasy. A new supermodel love interest (or two) every film, a gun in his hand, and no consequences for his actions.
media  toxicmasculinity  sciencefiction  sf  madmax  madmaxfuryroad  mmfr  startrek  kirk  source:tumblr 
march 2017 by djwudi
Fight Club and toxic masculinity (with a side of Mad Max: Fury Road)
Hold up - you mean there are people who watch Fight Club and don’t realise that Tyler Durden is meant to be full of shit?
media  toxicmasculinity  fightclub  tylerdurden  madmaxfuryroad  mmfr  source:tumblr 
march 2017 by djwudi
A Tasting Menu of Female Representation
Several simple guidelines for gauging how well women are presented in media. Bechdel, Mako Mori, Sexy Lamp, Anti-Freeze, Strength is Relative, and Furiosa, and Pizza Night tests.
sexism  media  film  representation  bechdel  bechdeltest  makomori  pacificrim  sexylamp  antifreeze  strengthisrelative  furiosa  madmaxfuryroad  mmfr  pizzanight 
march 2017 by djwudi
fic_promptly | Monday: Five Things/Times
Mad Max: Fury Road, any, five artifacts from the old world, and one new creation
MadMaxFuryRoad  Lonely 
january 2017 by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Wednesday: Women!
Mad Max, Furiosa, She was so used to fighting tooth and nail every day of her life, except in the company of other women, when she felt safe and loved.
MadMaxFuryRoad  Lonely 
december 2016 by fic_promptly
RT : heads to China in the wild "Mad Sheila" trailer (it's basically the same movie)…
MadMaxFuryRoad  from twitter
december 2016 by atomicjeep
fic_promptly | Tuesday: Choice
Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa & or / any, what finally convinced her to lead the escape?
MadMaxFuryRoad  Lonely 
october 2016 by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Monday: Labels
Mad Max: Fury Road, any female character, nobody's wife
MadMaxFuryRoad  Lonely 
october 2016 by fic_promptly

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