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Vidue - pixlwave
Vidue Stack is a Mac App to simplify the process of video mapping for theatre, shows and live events. Based upon a cue stack, the process of programming a show has been designed in a similar manner to using a lighting desk.

Vidue requires a Syphon enabled mapping solution to output video, such as MadMapper, VPT or Quartz Composer, and can load and playback both movie files and still images. The number of Syphon outputs is only limited by your CPU.
video  syphon  theatre  cue  madmapper 
november 2016 by jeanpoole
Blair Neal | Applescript to automatically fullscreen Madmapper for installations
Applescript to automatically fullscreen Madmapper for installations This is a simple Applescript that I used with a long running installation that required Madmapper for doing some precise mapping. More info on keeping long running installations going is here: This script would be used on reboot to both open your Syphon enabled app and to open your madmapper file, open it, select fullscreen, and then hit OK on the dialog box. It requires you to set your own file path in the script for your madmapper file and application file. To use the code below: 1. Open Applescript and paste it into a new file 2. Change the filepaths and resolution so they match how it appears in your setup (ie resolution may be 3840×720 instead) 2. Go to “File -> Export” and select “Application” as your file format 3. In System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login items drop your applescript application in there to automatically launch on boot
applescript  madmapper  installation  newmedia  fullscreen  video  projectionmapping 
march 2014 by jeanpoole
Controlling LED strips from MadMapper | MadMapper
"We will explain the theory of operation to control lights, and more specifically LED strips, with MadMappers new MadLight feature. For that, we will first do an overview of the devices and technologies needed. Then we will see an example of a simple LED strip installation followed by some details of the installation of “The Cave”." Great little tutorial which explains how to do laptop control of lighting sculptures... using madmapper, DMX + LED strips.
DMX  lighting  enttec  LED  light  madmapper 
march 2013 by jeanpoole
MAD_KinectMasker tutorial « 1024 Architecture Blog / MadMapper, Video Mapping, Quartz Composer plugins, whatever …
In this tutorial, will use the newly released MAD_Lab applications to plug a Kinect to your Mac and do so realtime masking… ! So first, launch MAD_KinectMasker application. This app. uses the v002 OpenKinect plugin (bundled into the app) kindly provided by v002 team and the Syphon plugin. You should see a grayscale depth image…
tutorial  videomapping  madmapper 
september 2012 by defneo

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