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SF Symbols - SF Symbols - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer
SF Symbols (from Apple) provides a set of over 1,500 consistent, highly configurable symbols you can use in your app.
iOS  Macs  Design  Coding  App_Design 
5 weeks ago by telharmonium
Amadine – Vector graphics software for Mac | Hacker News
An affordable, lightweight vector editing app for the Mac. A nice-looking alternative to the tyranny of Inkscape.
artistic  Drawing  Software  Macs  Consumption 
8 weeks ago by telharmonium
Princeton IoT Inspector
An open-source desktop tool with a one-click install process

Automatically discovers IoT devices and analyzes their network traffic

Helps you identify security and privacy issues with graphs and tables

Requires minimal technical skills and no special hardware
iot  network  privacy  security  opensource  tools  osx  macs 
april 2019 by Chirael

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