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To save his project, Jeremy Corbyn must bring Labour’s old guard on side
Suppose, instead of another eight or ten MPs from the Labour and Conservative parties, half of all MPs in parliament joined Chuka Umunna’s group. They would become the government without an election. Suppose they then said to the public, as Umunna and co. have: “send us your ideas for what policies we should pursue,” adding “but don’t rush”.

You would then have the ideal form of neoliberal governance in the UK – and not far off what you have in the French National Assembly under Emmanuel Macron. A single centrist party with no programme other than to manage the failing system, deploying riot cops on the streets against people who don’t like it, and manipulating the constitution to disconnect the executive from democratic control. Their task would be – as Macron’s is – to delay as long as possible the open fight between the two rising forces: radical leftism and authoritarian racism.

There is no chance, I hope, of this thought experiment becoming real. But in a less extreme form it is exactly what is threatened by Tom Watson’s extraordinary solo video.
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Macron's Great Debate: a turning point or 'puffed-up nonsense'? | World news | The Guardian
One pensioner shouted: “And they could use paper plates, not the new presidential dinner plates they just spent €50,000 on!” A retired teacher said the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, went home at night and did her own shopping, yet France had a 365-room presidential palace that cost more than €100m a year to run. “That’s because in France we still have still a type of king,” sighed a trade unionist.
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sees the protests much differently to the protests in 🤔 Funny that...
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's police break the nose of a protester with a knee to the back of the head "American History…
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The French police has their hands full with the protests in against globalist nr1 .

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