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Chinese Premier rejects economic stimulus option as latest data shows more weakness | South China Morning Post

The Chinese government has no plans to resort to a “massive stimulus” similar to that of 2008 as a way to manage its slowing economy amid the trade war with the United States, Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday.

Instead, Beijing will focus its policies on “energising the market, in particular market entities” and creating “fair and equal regulations” to maintain momentum in the world’s second biggest economy, Li said in a speech before attending the annual summit of the Association for Southeast Asian Nations in Singapore.
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3 days ago by jayyy
PP — A Generic Preprocessor (with Pandoc in mind)
PP is a cross-platform and open source text preprocessor designed for Pandoc (and more generally Markdown). PP provides a simple (yet extermely powerful and flexible) layer of macros on top of markdown source files, thus providing fine-grained control over what will be fed to pandoc.
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11 days ago by Jswindle
Macro Guides | LibreOffice Documentation - Your documentation for LibreOffice
Purchase or download the latest LibreOffice Macro Guide, written by community experts. LibreOffice, the best free and open source office suite.
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