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screen annotation for mac
macosx  annotation  drawing 
2 days ago by magnusstahre
Force RGB mode in Mac OS X to fix the picture quality of an external monitor – Mathew Inkson
Maybe something i should have been aware of, years ago, don't know, might be useful / still more useful to not run macOS
Macs  Apple  macOS  MacOSX  MonitorsHell 
2 days ago by nodalpoint
GaplessHowTo < Main < Wiki
For many kinds of music it is desirable to have gapless transitions between the tracks. Typical examples are live recordings, classical music or audio books (when it's too difficult to cut between sentences). Unfortunately, gapless playback is a little bit tricky when using the mp3 format, but it's possible in Rockbox if you encode your mp3s the right way. [...]
wikientry  howto  tips  encoding  mp3  flac  fileformats  audio  linux  unix  macosx  windows  links  rockbox 
9 days ago by ezequiel
Install Apache, MySQL, PHP & phpMyAdmin on macOS High Sierra 10.13
This helped me get a server running for local dev on 08/09/18
apache  howto  osx  macosx  high-sierra  php 
9 days ago by jwithy
RockboxUtilityDevelopment < Main < Wiki
If you want to work on RockboxUtility clone the rockbox.git repository. RockboxUtility lives in the subfolder rbutil/rbutilqt. You can also use the script utils/common/ for building or creating a source tarball, however, this is intended for building releases and not suited if you intend to develop on RockboxUtility.
rockbox  tool  development  build  howto  tips  links  documentation  reference  guide  windows  unix  linux  macosx  compatibility  repository 
10 days ago by ezequiel

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