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MacOS Mail Anti Inline Plugin • Clive Galeni's Blog
The plugin solves situations with awkwardly inlined images when sending images to anyone who is not using Mail App. If you want your images to appear as attachments to your recipients then this plugin is for you. It also prevents Mail auto-preview feature and display attachments as icons by default. It does something similar to what Attachment Tamer used to do.
apple  mail  macosx  macos  osx  sierra  attachements 
2 days ago by Aetles
Disabling login to the root account by changing the root account’s user shell | Der Flounder
A use for the false [UNIX] command is to block account logins. By setting the account’s shell setting to the path of the false command, any interactive login (either via the OS login window or via command line) will fail to successfully complete. This has the effect of blocking login to the affected account.
unix  terminale  mh  mhie  mac  macintosh  macosx  osx  macos 
2 days ago by nicoladagostino
Bundler fails on mysql2 gem (OS X) · Issue #695 · cantino/huginn
Do this when deploying with Capistrano and mysql is required as a gem.
Tool  commandline  Xcode-select  macox  Howto  Forum  Fix  macosx  Brew  macos  Mysql2  Issue  Github  gem  Homebrew  Bundler 
2 days ago by racl101
ZFS on illumos and Mac OS X | Ottmar Klaas
My setup at home —a server running OmniOS and Open ZFS on OS X on the Mac— might be uncommon enough to be of interest to others. Specifically, I'll show how ZFS on those two systems allows me to use ZFS’ built-in send/receive commands to stream a snapshot of the data on the OmniOS server to a ZFS pool connected to the Mac for backup purposes.
zfs  macosx  omnios  illumos  ssh  backup 
4 days ago by spl
PierreLorenzi/HyperCardPreview: Little app to see HyperCard stacks in Mac OS X. Programmed in Swift.
A Mac OS X application that can display HyperCard stacks, with an look very faithful to the original. It makes the stack files alive again in the Finder with their real icons, so they don't appear as "binaries", and provides a QuickLook plug-in.
hypercard  osx  macosx  software  retrocomputing  mh  mhie 
5 days ago by nicoladagostino

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