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Alternatives for driving main spindle motor?
Has information about the need to isolate signals when interfacing controllers with different ground potential
machining  CNC  motor  control  grounding 
6 weeks ago by landmark573
2014 | Photos and Protos Blog
Archive of PM-30 conversion by cowanrg on CNCZone missing from users blog
machining  CNC  conversion 
8 weeks ago by landmark573
CNC Conversion: Part 6 – One-Shot Oiler (Part 1) – Photos and Protos Blog
Archive of PM-30 conversion by cowanrg on CNCZone that is missing from users blog.
machining  CNC  conversion  pm30mv 
8 weeks ago by landmark573
What to do with 1-2-3 Blocks, version 2 PDF
I own a set of SPI 1-2-3 blocks. When I first started out in this hobby, these blocks were one of many mysteries to me. I would see them in the catalog and wonder what there were for. Over time, I learned that they are used in a dizzying number of ways. Here are a few I have collected from people on various Yahoo groups.
measurement  machining 
8 weeks ago by euler
Need Help! BF30 Servo vs. Hybrid Stepper vs Stepper
Post discussing motors for BF30 (similar to pm30mv) mill conversion.
machining  CNC  conversion  mill  pm30mv 
may 2019 by landmark573
B&A Precision
Post about someone going into a machining business
machining  metalworking 
may 2019 by landmark573

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