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Data Scientist Workbench - Cognitive Builder Faire
Data Scientist Workbench aims to be your one-stop shop for data science tools. At this time, it includes Jupyter notebooks and Zeppelin notebooks enabled with Spark integration, as well as R Studio IDE and OpenRefine. You can use notebooks to develop and run data science projects, as well visualize, document and present your analysis
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23 hours ago by sprague
Floyd Zero Setup Deep Learning
FloydHub is Heroku for DL
Platform-as-a-Service for training and deploying your DL models in the cloud. Start running your first project in < 30 sec! Floyd takes care of the grunt work so you can focus on the core of your problem.
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yesterday by tguemes
Getting Started

Upload your data or Search the Web,
then integrate our API with a couple of lines of code.
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yesterday by tguemes
Building Autoencoders in Keras
In this tutorial, we will answer some common questions about autoencoders, and we will cover code examples of the following models: a simple autoencoder based on a fully-connected layer a sparse autoencoder a deep fully-connected autoencoder a deep convolutional autoencoder an image denoising model
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yesterday by ronert

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