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We are a two man outfit functioning shoulder to shoulder and our work exists as the by-product of the ongoing dialogue between the two of us. This discussion serves as a medium of building, as well as providing a space of concession, dissidence, and justification where we attempt to construct a shared vision. Our work simultaneously straddles several disciplines, making it difficult for us to properly fit into a particular category. It is for this reason we created MachineHistories. We privilege no particular creative practice, which allows us to explore the interests of our choosing without discrimination. The thread that links everything together is our belief in process and production, regardless of the medium or venue.
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march 2018 by cyberchucktx
Detoured: Inside MachineHistories @ Hackaday
When designers and architects need a fancy centerpiece, a design element, or even some wall sconces, they don’t head over to the machine shop by themselves. They get someone else, who owns some fancy machines, knows how to use those fancy machines, and can create anything out of wood, foam, or metal to do the fabrication for them. Think of these companies as artisan contractors, capable of turning whatever an architect thinks of into a real, tangible object.

One of these such companies is MachineHistories, a joint venture between [Steven Joyner] and [Jason Pilarsky], who work in the medium of computer code and CNC programming. A
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march 2018 by cyberchucktx

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