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tf.contrib.eager.defun  |  TensorFlow
Compiles a Python function into a callable TensorFlow graph.
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7 hours ago by amy
AutoGraph converts Python into TensorFlow graphs – TensorFlow – Medium
We’d like to tell you about a new TensorFlow feature called “AutoGraph”. AutoGraph converts Python code, including control flow, print() and other Python-native features, into pure TensorFlow graph code.
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yesterday by amy
[FoR&AI] Steps Toward Super Intelligence I, How We Got Here – Rodney Brooks
Some things just take a long time, and require lots of new technology, lots of time for ideas to ferment, and lots of Einstein and Weiss level contributors along the way.

I suspect that human level AI falls into this class. But that it is much more complex than detecting gravity waves, controlled fusion, or even chemistry, and that it will take hundreds of years.
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yesterday by JohnDrake
scikit-learn: machine learning in Python — scikit-learn 0.19.2 documentation

Machine Learning in Python

Simple and efficient tools for data mining and data analysis
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yesterday by sharon_howard
Google AI Blog: Improving Connectomics by an Order of Magnitude
The field of connectomics aims to comprehensively map the structure of the neuronal networks that are found in the nervous system, in order to better understand how the brain works. This process requires imaging brain tissue in 3D at nanometer resolution (typically using electron microscopy), and then analyzing the resulting image data to trace the brain’s neurites and identify individual synaptic connections. Due to the high resolution of the imaging, even a cubic millimeter of brain tissue can generate over 1,000 terabytes of data! When combined with the fact that the structures in these images can be extraordinarily subtle and complex, the primary bottleneck in brain mapping has been automating the interpretation of these data, rather than acquisition of the data itself.

Today, in collaboration with colleagues at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, we published “High-Precision Automated Reconstruction of Neurons with Flood-Filling Networks” in Nature Methods, which shows how a new type of recurrent neural network can improve the accuracy of automated interpretation of connectomics data by an order of magnitude over previous deep learning techniques. An open-access version of this work is also available from biorXiv (2017).
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3 days ago by amy
google/ffn: Flood-Filling Networks for instance segmentation in 3d volumes.
Flood-Filling Networks for instance segmentation in 3d volumes.

Flood-Filling Networks (FFNs) are a class of neural networks designed for instance segmentation of complex and large shapes, particularly in volume EM datasets of brain tissue.

For more details, see the related publications:
This is not an official Google product.
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3 days ago by amy

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