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the rtMRI IPA chart (John Esling)
Click on any of the red-colored speech sounds or utterances below to see their production captured with real-time MRI. The videos comprise 83 frames per second. Each pixel corresponds to a square 2.4 mm wide. The data were collected in June 2015. The speaker is Professor John Esling (University of Victoria).

Click here for more versions of the rtMRI chart.
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10 hours ago by vsapsai
CVPR 2012 tutorial
Structured Prediction and Learning in Computer Vision
Tutorial  Machine_Learning  Computer_Vision 
11 hours ago by algento
Algorithms for Inference | MIT OpenCourseWare
This is a graduate-level introduction to the principles of statistical inference with probabilistic models defined using graphical representations. The material in this course constitutes a common foundation for work in machine learning, signal processing, artificial intelligence, computer vision, control, and communication. Ultimately, the subject is about teaching you contemporary approaches to, and perspectives on, problems of statistical inference.
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11 hours ago by algento
How to Fit Large Neural Networks on the Edge – Heartbeat
Decent overview of techniques for making machine learning algorithms lighter in footprint
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17 hours ago by amcewen
The Kinds of Data Scientist
-- they forgot to include the data scientists that call out snake oil salesmanship and the ones who worry about ethics.
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3 days ago by rvenkat
Google Night Sight review: night vision for the Pixel camera - The Verge
We review Google’s Night Sight camera mode for Pixel phones. This is a new AI-powered night mode that revolutionizes low-light mobile photography.
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3 days ago by kejadlen

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