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How AI can serve the many, not the few
"AI will change the nature of work in the future, wiping out millions of jobs. How can we ensure that the benefits are achieved fairly?"
digital  government  and  public  services  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
2 days ago by jonerp
SAP improves unconscious bias functionality
"That is has taken so long to deliver this functionality demonstrates the difficulty in achieving the desired results. What isn’t clear from the announcement is how deep the analysis goes. Unconscious bias can be subtle and is often cultural in nature. It will be interesting to see how effective it is in some companies and their best customers."
erp  homepage  slider  latest  news  diversity  hcm  hrm  infor  machine  learning  sap  successfactors  unconcious  bias 
2 days ago by jonerp
Google's AutoML Project Teaches Artificial Intelligence How To Code Learning Software
White-collar automation has turned into a typical buzzword in discusses about the developing power of computers, as software shows potential to assume control over some work of accountants and attorneys.
Archive  ai  artificial  intelligence  deep  learning  google  machine  ml  tech 
2 days ago by odelano
Event Report - Workday Rising 2017 - Workday opens and advances the platform - but its early days - by @holgermu
"Overall Workday is moving in the right direction, I’d like to see it move a little faster, but customers will be in good shape as long as Workday delivers on the platform, architecture and functionality capabilities it has announced and shared at Rising. CxOs making decision should practice the usual caution as with all new products – minimum required capabilities, commercial implications, and roadmap are a few prominent considerations to mention. Stay tuned."
ai  chris  kanaracus  cloud  constellation  research  erp  finance  future  of  work  futurist  hcm  holger  mueller  machine  learning  nextgen  apps 
2 days ago by jonerp
Deep matrix factorization using Apache MXNet - O'Reilly Media
Let's start off by playing with some randomly generated values. For simpliciy, let's generate a small matrix of values that are all normally distributed representing 250 "users" and 250 "movies." (X) is currently a complete matrix, meaning that there are no missing values.
Archive  deep  learning  machine  python 
3 days ago by ronert
Microsoft and AWS could be the strangest cloud bedfellows yet - by @ron_millerr
"Hell did not freeze over, but something remarkable has happened: Microsoft and AWS announced they are working on a project together. Project Gluon is an open-source, deep learning project for building, deploying and managing machine learning models."
cloud  tc  microsoft  aws  salesforce  machine  learning  project  gluon 
4 days ago by jonerp
davidkpiano/xstate: Stateless JS Finite State Machines and Statecharts
Simple, stateless JavaScript finite state machines and statecharts.
fsm  state  machine  library  js 
5 days ago by andrewn

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