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How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native
To achieve this, we designed a bespoke neural architecture that runs directly on your phone, and trained it with Tensorflow, Keras & Nvidia GPUs. While the use-case is farcical, the app is an approachable example of both deep learning, and edge computing. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  ai  machine  learning 
1 hour ago by hansdorsch
Beware the AI risks of over-automation and hyper convenience - by @krmarko
"Maybe the biggest AI risks are to do with people becoming complacent as a result of over-automation and hyper convenience"
digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  future  of  work  iot  robotics  and  ai  machine  intelligence 
yesterday by jonerp
The Ripple Maker - Coffeeripples
With the Ripple Maker you’ll turn ordinary coffee into an extraordinary experience. Using patented printing technology, the machine creates inspiring Ripples from any image or text atop the foam layer of coffee beverages. Create a moment and forge a connection with your customers.
coffee  printing  latte  latteart  art  foam  foamart  beverage  machine  barista 
2 days ago by csaper
Online Privacy Foundation
The Online Privacy Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation made up of volunteers whose mission, through topical research, is to empower individuals to make informed choices about how they use social media and interact online. Previous research by the Online Privacy Foundation has been presented at world leading conferences for Psychology, Machine Learning and Computer Security.
privacy  research  online  psychology  machine  learning 
2 days ago by insertrealname
Why humans will always be smarter than artificial intelligence - by @philww
"Machines are good at pattern matching but our ability to learn unlimited patterns means humans will always be smarter than artificial intelligence."
digital  skills  and  training  future  of  work  machine  intelligence  ai 
6 days ago by jonerp
Whonix is a desktop operating system designed for advanced security and privacy. Whonix mitigates the threat of common attack vectors while maintaining usability. Online anonymity is realized via fail-safe, automatic, and desktop-wide use of the Tor network. A heavily reconfigured Debian base is run inside multiple virtual machines, providing a substantial layer of protection from malware and IP address leaks. Commonly used applications are pre-installed and safely pre-configured for immediate use. The user is not jeopardized by installing additional applications or personalizing the desktop. Whonix is under active development and is the only operating system designed to be run inside a VM and paired with Tor.
linux  os  privacy  security  tor  proxy  virtualbox  virtual  machine 
6 days ago by awhite
Performance Trends in AI
Deep learning has revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence. But how much does it improve performance?  How have computers gotten better at different tasks over time, since the rise of deep learning?
analysis  artificial  intelligence  performance  improvement  acceleration  machine  deep  learning 
7 days ago by markhgn

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