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Facebook Uses Artificial Intelligence to Predict Your Future Actions for Advertisers, Says Confidential Document
Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted in March, Facebook has been attempting to make a moral stand for your privacy, distancing itself from the unscrupulous practices of the U.K. political consultancy. via Pocket
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yesterday by mgacy
Enterprise hits and misses – AI hits the medical industry, Starbucks hits the brakes, Musk embraces humans
"This week: AI is changing the medical industry, but the ethics of AI dominate headlines. Starbucks has a bad week, Elon Musk makes a robotic concession, and loads of whiffs and picks."
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yesterday by jonerp
Ethical AI – no need for new regulators, just a proper framework?
"Reaction from techUK, Sage and Lord Clement-Jones to yesterday's very detailed UK government report on AI and associated implications."
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3 days ago by jonerp
New dataset for machine learning malware binary indicators
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4 days ago by asteroza
Pretty State Machine Patterns in Rust
A collection of articles related to life and adventures in the open source community.
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5 days ago by ianweatherhogg

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