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Deep Learning on a Mac with AMD GPU – Fabrice Daniel – Medium
Since Apple is only providing AMD GPUs in its computers, Data Scientist working on MacOSX are facing limitations when trying to train Deep Learning models. As the third solution is by far the…
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14 hours ago by phantom4
ML turns videos into comic strips.
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16 hours ago by ToniCorinne
OrCam MyMe–1st of its kind wearable AI. 2nd brain. 3rd eye. by OrCam Inc. — Kickstarter
OrCam MyMe respects your privacy. It finds faces and computes a signature for each. The app shows a blurred image as a face thumbnail to help you tag your acquaintances. No other images are recorded or photos taken and privacy is guarded by keeping all data stored on the device, and never sent to the cloud.
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19 hours ago by tamberg

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