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Machine Learning Crash Course: Part 4 - The Bias-Variance Dilemma · ML@B
the overfit Fukushima earthquake model: a complex model was a tight fit to actual data, while the 'less accurate' linear regression line allowed more variance in data points. following the linear model's prediction, earthquakes of high magnitude would be expected to occur more frequently than in the overfit model - and thus more stringent safety measures likely would have followed.
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How Checkers Was Solved - The Atlantic
The computer scientist became fixated on that moment. After the match, he ran simulations to examine what had gone wrong. And he discovered that, in fact, from that move to the end of the game, if both sides played perfectly, he would lose every time. But what he discovered next blew his mind. To see that, a computer or a human would have to look 64 moves ahead.
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