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Zenon Dance Company moves in many genres for 36th Fall Season | Star Tribune | November 7, 2018
One of the dances performed, "Just Her Time" by Macalester Theater and Dance faculty member Wynn Fricke, is an aching meditation on healing, birth, death and communal connection.
macfaculty  theateranddance  dance  performance  piper 
3 days ago by macalestercollege
Trump demonized Somali refugees in Minnesota. One of them just won a seat in Congress | Washington Post | November 7, 2018
Ilhan Omar took home 78 percent of the vote in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, becoming the first Somali American, first Muslim refugee and first hijab-wearing Muslim woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. She also became the first woman of color to represent Minnesota in Congress. American Studies Professor Duchess Harris was quoted.
macnews  macfaculty  SomaliAmerican  congress  MuslimWoman  Democrats  womanofcolor 
4 days ago by macalestercollege
Minnesota Historically Known for Strong Voter Turnout, Expert Says | KSTP-TV | November 5, 2018
Minnesota has strong voter turnout in the United States. Political Science Professor Julie Dolan says Minnesota has always been near or on top of the nation in that category.
macnews  macfaculty  PoliticalScience  voterturnout  Minnesota  election2018 
6 days ago by macalestercollege
Inside Her Story: Every Vote Matters | Tom Joyner Morning Show | November 6, 2018
There are a number of Black women running for office all over the country. Jacque Reid goes "Inside Her Story" with American Studies Professor Duchess Harris, author of "Black Feminist Politics From Kennedy To Trump."
macfaculty  AmericanStudies  politics  BlackWomenrunningforoffice  election2018 
6 days ago by macalestercollege
Conversations with Al McFarlane | KFAI-FM | October 30, 2018
American Studies Professor Duchess Harris spoke on a wide range of topics. Her interview begins at the 8:40 mark.
macnews  macfaculty  AmericanStudies  Author 
12 days ago by macalestercollege
St. Paul interfaith community fills synagogue in a show of unity and mourning | Pioneer Press | October 30, 2018
Nearly 2,000 people packed Mount Zion Temple in St. Paul to mourn the 11 people shot to death at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Also there were more than 100 students, faculty and staff members from Macalester who walked to Mount Zion to participate in the service. David Wheaton, Vice President of Administration and Finance, was quoted.
macnews  MacStudents  MacStaff  macfaculty  solidarity 
13 days ago by macalestercollege
Here’s Why More Black Women Are Running For Office Right Now | girlboss | October 23, 2018
“The future is female—black female—and in a moment when this administration would upend everyone’s liberties, it is crucial that we both protect and assert this fact continuously, without ceasing.” Excerpted from the book "Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump" (2018) by American Studies Professor Duchess Harris.
macfaculty  AmericanStudies  BlackWomen  politics 
14 days ago by macalestercollege
Draw Out Students’ Best Work with a “Contract for B” | Course Hero | September 26, 2018
With pages of homework, frequent group projects, and high expectations from their professors, college students might be forgiven if they often think of grades as one more stressor in their busy campus lives. But Psychology Professor Cari Gillen-O’Neel feels it does not have to be that way.
macnews  macfaculty  Psychology  stress 
14 days ago by macalestercollege
China building boom uncovers buried dinosaurs, makes a star | AP/Star Tribune | October 25, 2018
China's rapid city building has churned up a motherlode of dinosaur fossils. Biology and Geology Professor Kristi Curry Rogers was quoted.
macnews  macfaculty  Biology  Geology  dinosaurs  China  paleontology 
18 days ago by macalestercollege
Urban Agenda with Dr. Duchess Harris - Freedom’s Promise | KMOJ -FM | October 21, 2018
American Studies Professor Duchess Harris spoke about the new series of books in her collection, "Freedom's Promise,” where she writes about how to discern fake news, and the realities of today's Supreme Court.
macnews  AmericanStudies  macfaculty  Author  fakenews  SupremeCourt 
20 days ago by macalestercollege
Tiny Skull Illuminates the Lives of Giant Dinosaurs | Smithsonian | October 11, 2018
The skull of a juvenile Diplodocus is one of the youngest of these dinosaurs ever found. Biology and Geology Professor Kristi Curry Rogers, who's a vertebrate paleontologist, was quoted.
macnews  macfaculty  dinosaur  Geology  paleontology 
4 weeks ago by macalestercollege
Minneapolis Protestors Push Back Against Kavanaugh Nomination, Political Expert Weighs In | KSTP-TV | October 6, 2018
“I think the five conservative members of the court will feel emboldened,” said Patrick Schmidt, a political science professor at Macalester College. “They have a very young bench collectively now in historic terms and you're going to see a lot.”
macnews  PoliticalScience  macfaculty  SupremeCourt 
5 weeks ago by macalestercollege
Five Minnesotans included in historical video project on the civil-rights movement | Star Tribune | October 5, 2018
Five Minnesotans are now stars of a national video series celebrating ground-breaking achievements in the civil-rights movement, and two have Macalester connections: Sharon Sayles Belton '73, the former Minneapolis mayor, and Mahmoud El-Kati, Scholar in Residence, History.
macnews  macalumni  Classof1973  macfaculty  History 
5 weeks ago by macalestercollege
Bizarre 12-Ton Dinosaur Crouched Like a Cat | National Geographic | September 27, 2018
Some 200 million years ago in what's now South Africa, a dinosaur that weighed as much as two adult African elephants loomed over the landscape. The new dinosaur, looks like a sauropod, but it's technically not. Instead, Ledumahadi is an earlier, more distant cousin called a sauropodomorph. It is a much bigger animal living much earlier in the age of dinosaurs than researchers normally expect to see, so its discoverers etched their surprise into the dinosaur's name: Ledumahadi mafube, Southern Sotho for “a giant thunderclap [at] dawn.” Biology and Geology Professor Kristi Curry Rogers, who's a vertebrate paleontologist, was quoted.
macnews  macfaculty  dinosaurs  paleontology  Geology 
5 weeks ago by macalestercollege
TV Viewers Keep Cutting The Cord, Opt For Streaming | WCCO-TV | October 2, 2018
Television viewing habits are changing. A Pew Research poll finds 61 percent of young adults rank online streaming services as the main way they watch TV. However, that same poll found more than half of Americans mainly watch TV by way of cable or satellite, highlighting the gray-area phase of television’s disruption. Media and Cultural Studies professor Michael Griffin has seen a lot of changes in his 20-year career at Macalester. He says the changes happening in TV and streaming are similar to what happened when cable entered the game. The main difference driving this movement: smartphones.
macnews  macfaculty  MediaandCulturalStudies  streaming  newmedia  smartphones 
5 weeks ago by macalestercollege
60th anniversary of the Department of Letters and Spanish Language | Facebook | September 21, 2018
As part of the 60th anniversary of the Department of Letters and Spanish Language of the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico, where he earned his B.A., Prof. Ernesto Ortiz-Diaz, head of Portuguese Program, was invited to give a lecture and participate in a panel discussion entitled: "The Novelty of What We Own; the Sparkle of the Quotidian. The First Phase of Brazilian Modernism 1922-1930". He also took part in a panel that discussed the present and future of Academia and Literary and Cultural Studies.
macnews  macfaculty  Spanish&Portuguese  Mexico 
6 weeks ago by macalestercollege
Macalester author and mentor Michael Obsatz wants to raise more than a few good men | Star Tribune | September 28, 2018
In this Gail Rosenblum article, Michael Obsatz, professor emeritus (Sociology) from Macalester College, author, workshop leader, mentor and filmmaker, has made healthy manhood his mission. He shares his thoughts on boys to men.
macnews  macfaculty  Sociology  abuse  Author  mentor  bully 
6 weeks ago by macalestercollege
Minnesota finally gets an African-American museum, thanks to two visionary women | Star Tribune | September 28, 2018
For decades, Minnesota lacked a museum dedicated to its African-American heritage. Two women finally changed that. Mahmoud El-Kati, Scholar in Residence, History, was quoted.
macnews  macfaculty  History  museum  AfricanAmerican 
6 weeks ago by macalestercollege

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