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Composer Nights give Minnesota music makers a way to be heard | Classical MPR | May 9, 2018
There can't be too many pieces of music written for a pair of trombones and a didgeridoo, the Australian aboriginal instrument resembling a length of wooden gutter piping. Studio Z in lowertown St. Paul, is the home of the New Ruckus Composer Nights. Emceeing the evening is Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Visiting Instructor Paul Cantrell, who has been the point man of New Ruckus for most of the 15 years the organization has been operating.
macfaculty  MathematicsStatisticsandComputerScience  composernights  piper 
2 days ago by macalestercollege
In massive street protests, Nicaraguans are using Ortega’s revolutionary symbols against him | Washington Post | May 15, 2018
Ortega’s regime has taught generations of Nicaraguans about the revolution. Protesters are throwing that back at him. Eric Mosinger, a visiting assistant professor of political science, is one of the co-writers of this analysis.
macnews  macfaculty  PoliticalScience  Nicaragua  DanielOrtega  protests  piper 
5 days ago by macalestercollege
At Walker Art Center, Minnesota artists challenge the idea of 'home' | Star Tribune | May 9, 2018
Weaving together ideas of home and the braiding ritual, a 30-minute film called "Braids" played on a loop at Walker Art Center recently as part of "Choosing Home: A Right, a Privilege or an Act of Trespass," presented by the Walker's MN Artists program and guest curator Speller. History professor Crystal Moten was involved with the program, pictured and quoted in the article.
macnews  History  macfaculty  WalkerArtCenter 
10 days ago by macalestercollege
Political Insider: MinnesotaCare, School Funding | KSTP-TV | May 8, 2018
Political analysts Julie Dolan of Macalester College and Chris Chapp St. Olaf College join Tom Hauser to discuss Gov. Mark Dayton's push for MinnesotaCare buy-ins, school funding and more.
macnews  PoliticalScience  macfaculty  MinnesotaPolitics 
11 days ago by macalestercollege
President Trump pulls out of Iran nuclear deal | KARE-TV | May 8, 2018
Political Science professor Andrew Latham was interviewed re President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, thereby unraveling the signature foreign policy achievement of President Barack Obama.
macnews  PoliticalScience  Irannucleardeal  Obama  macfaculty 
11 days ago by macalestercollege
Nicaragua protests threaten an authoritarian regime that looked like it might never fall | The Conversation | May 2, 2018
After a week of political protest in Nicaragua, at least 38 people – and possibly over 60 – are dead. President Daniel Ortega, whose government once seemed unshakable, has emerged weakened in the face of protesters demanding his ouster. The article was co-written by Political Science Visiting Assistant Professor Eric Seth Mosinger.
macnews  PoliticalScience  Nicaragua  politicalprotest  macfaculty 
17 days ago by macalestercollege
Ellen Burstyn on ‘House of Tomorrow,’ bad horror movies and why #MeToo is 'the biggest thing that's happened in my life' | Newsweek | April 27, 2018
When Ellen Burstyn was a rising movie star in the 1970s, she struck up an unlikely friendship with the eccentric architect and visionary Buckminster Fuller, who was then in his 70s. So it was a fortuitous coincidence when Burstyn, now 85, was asked to appear in the film, "The House of Tomorrow," based on English professor Peter Bognanni’s novel of the same name.
macfaculty  English  TheHouseofTomorrow  Film 
19 days ago by macalestercollege
‘Last of the ice party that made it to the pole’ marks milestone | The New Mexican | April 20, 2018
Jerry Pitzl and his wife, artist Devi Benjamin, quietly celebrated the historic expedition’s anniversary with close friends last Friday — designated as Gerald “Jerry” Pitzl Day in New Mexico earlier this year by state lawmakers and Gov. Susana Martinez. Pitzl taught Geography at Macalester for 30 years.
macnews  Geography  macfaculty 
20 days ago by macalestercollege
Punk rock blows teen's mind in 'The House of Tomorrow' | Los Angeles Times | April 26, 2018
Writer/director Peter Livolsi's directorial debut "The House of Tomorrow," adapted from English professor Peter Bognanni's novel, uses the philosophy and beliefs of architect, designer, inventor and geodesic dome enthusiast Buckminster Fuller as the backdrop of a coming-of-age story soundtracked to classic punk. The film opens in the Twin Cites May 25th. The Macalester connection continues with the film's producer, alumnus Tarik Karam, who graduated in 2001.
macfaculty  English  TheHouseofTomorrow  movie  YA  classof2001 
20 days ago by macalestercollege
'House of Tomorrow' Chronicles Coming of Age in Buckminster Fuller Dome | Architectural Record | April 26, 2018
A feature film based on a young adult novel is undoubtedly an abnormal place for an architecture conversation. But a teen-driven coming-of-age movie and its YA source material? Certainly among the last places you’d expect to find the influence of Buckminster Fuller. And yet, here’s "The House of Tomorrow," writer-director Peter Livolsi’s adaptation of English professor Peter Bognanni’s 2010 book, now in limited release, and opening in the Twin Cites May 25th. The Macalester connection continues with the film's producer, alumnus Tarik Karam, who graduated in 2001.
macfaculty  TheHouseofTomorrow  movie  YA  English  classof2001 
20 days ago by macalestercollege
Korean Leaders Meet, Talk Peace & Denuclearization | WCCO-TV | April 27, 2018
WCCO’s Kate Raddatz spoke with an expert on foreign affairs, who says he’s cautiously optimistic about Korea’s future. “The symbolism of Kim stepping onto South Korean soil, that’s unprecedented,” said Andrew Latham, professor of Political Science at Macalester College.
macnews  macfaculty  PoliticalScience  Korea  peace 
22 days ago by macalestercollege
Why did North Korea agree to peace now? | KARE-TV | April 27, 2018
"The North Korean leader actually set foot in South Korea, that's never happened before," said Dr. Andrew Latham, an International Security Specialist and Professor of Political Science at Macalester College.
macnews  macfaculty  PoliticalScience  peace  Korea 
22 days ago by macalestercollege
Iconic Signs That Are No More | Twin Cities Business | April 25, 2018
At its core, a business sign is just a marker, telling people which parking lot to turn into, which door to enter. But they can also be works of art and more. David Lanegran, Professor Emeritus, Geography, was quoted in this article.
macnews  macfaculty  Geography  signs 
25 days ago by macalestercollege
National Geographic’s mea culpa isn’t enough | Africa is a Country | April 24, 2018
A deeply colonial institution, with a shameful history, struggles to reinvent itself. Geography professor William Moseley wrote this article.
macfaculty  Geography  NationalGeographic 
25 days ago by macalestercollege
New Release: Director Peter Livolsi's Talks 'The House of Tomorrow' | FORBES | April 20, 2018
English professor Peter Bognanni's book, "The House of Tomorrow," is a coming of age story about friendship, punk, health — and futurist Buckminster Fuller. The film is written and directed by Peter Livolsi and adapted from the eponymous book by Bognanni. It follows Sebastian, a sheltered teen who lives with his grandmother, inside a geodesic dome. The film opens in the Twin Cites May 25th.
macfaculty  English  TheHouseofTomorrow  movie  Film 
29 days ago by macalestercollege
Writers@Grinnell: Marlon James | The Scarlet & Black | April 5, 2018
English professor Marlon James was Grinnell's distinguished author this year for Writers@Grinnell. He spoke with a reporter from the student newspaper, "The Scarlet & Black," about writing and reading.
macfaculty  English  Author  ManBookerPrize  ABriefHistoryofSevenKillings 
6 weeks ago by macalestercollege
Why scientists need empathy | MPR News | March 30, 2018
Science and math training are important for those hoping to work in STEM fields. But what about empathy? Do scientists and engineers need to develop emotional intelligence? Three experts, including Biology professor Devavani Chatterjea, weighed in on why empathy may be the "secret sauce" of science.
macnews  Biology  empathy  STEM  macfaculty 
7 weeks ago by macalestercollege
Mongolia, Genghis Khan and an Empire of Tolerance | Commonwealth Club of California | March 22, 2018
DeWitt Wallace Professor Emeritus Jack Weatherford spoke about Mongolia, Genghis Khan and an Empire of Tolerance at the Commonwealth Club of California. His book, "Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World," was an international best seller published in more than 20 languages. Weatherford taught in the Anthropology Department.
macfaculty  Anthropology  GenghisKhanandtheMakingoftheModernWorld  Mongolia 
7 weeks ago by macalestercollege
Niger’s protests are ramping up. Here’s why. | Washington Post | March 26, 2018
Political Science professor Lisa Mueller, co-author of this analysis, is the author of “Political Protest in Contemporary Africa.”
macnews  Niger  PoliticalScience  Africa  macfaculty 
7 weeks ago by macalestercollege

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