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British Museum realises 'vase' is in fact an ancient mace-head displayed upside down | The Art Newspaper
Curators discovered old mistake during research for No Man's Land exhibition

As part of an exhibition showing the first recorded border conflict in the 3rd millennium BC.
history  museum  articles  exhibitions  mistake  mace  weapon  border  conflict 
january 2019 by kybernetikos
Construction productivity: the size of the prize | Mace
*The Government’s new Industrial Strategy – launched towards the end of 2017 – makes it clear that increased productivity is crucial to solving a number of the challenges facing the UK.
*From re-balancing our economy between the North/South divide to ensuring that we have the capacity to deliver our infrastructure pipeline, a substantial productivity boost is the key to unlocking a whole host of benefits.
*In construction, it’s been recognised for years that we have a productivity problem. Despite the best efforts of the sector, our productivity has been flat for the last two decades, while other sectors – like manufacturing – have changed the way they work and delivered huge boosts to their output.
*What hasn’t been clear until now is quite how much growth we’ve been missing out on due to our failure to address the problem.
construction  reports  Mace  productivity 
october 2018 by spencertree
Nutmeg Uses, Benefits & Dosage - Herbal Database
Nutmeg has shown insulin-like activity in vitro. 38 Inhibitory effects on protein tyrosine phosphate 1B, involved in insulin cellular signaling, have been demonstrated. 39

Animal data
Serum glucose and lipid profiles improved in mice when mace lignan was administered. 40 In rabbits given an ethanolic extract of nutmeg, total and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and triglyceride were reduced; however, high-density lipoprotein levels were not changed. 41....

Other effects
Screening and in vitro experiments in nutmeg components demonstrated ultraviolet-protectant effects and inhibition of melanin biosynthesis. 65 , 66 Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of nutmeg have been recorded in mice, as well as antithrombotic activity. 67 , 68 Other studies document hepatoprotective properties, 69 effects on osteoblast differentiation, 70 and reduced acidity and volume of gastric secretion. 71 , 72
nutmeg  mace  diabetes  insulin  cholesterol  blood  glucose  lipids  peer-reviewed  research  in  vitro  vivo  animal  triglyceride 
november 2017 by Michael.Massing
Soft Pumpkin Cookies - Lovely Little Kitchen
1.5 x everything for whole can pumpkin, 2 eggs
1/4 mace and cardamom
1/2 galangal
pumpkin  cookies  mace  galangal  cardamom  food 
december 2016 by st_bissonet

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