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Review Apple MacBook Pro 17 Early 2011 (2.2 GHz quad-core, glare-type screen) - Reviews
Like the one built into our test laptop, the reflective high-gloss display with a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels comes standard in the MBP 17". For an additional 50 Euro, you can get the version with a non-reflective matte screen. Compared to popular full-HD displays with a 1920x1080 resolution, the extra 120 pixels in the 16:10 aspect ratio at hand provide more vertical space on the screen, useful for browsing the internet, reading documents and looking at pictures, for example. 
10 days ago by foliovision
John Gruber on Twitter: "@marcoarment @thetalkshow This is how I live now.… "
(It looks like Gruber has added gaffer tape to the “left” and “right” keys on his MacBook Pro keyboard to make them easier to locate.)
“This is how I live now.”
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21 days ago by handcoding
Booting Secure
Howdy, y’all. Long time 😄 So now the 2018 MacBook Pro exists.
mac  security  apple  macbookpro  2018  secureboot 
23 days ago by lorenzo

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