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2018 MacBook Pro versus older MacBook Pros
real world speed test results for performance minded Macintosh users
3 days ago by twleung
Re-testing the MacBook Pro: Apple’s firmware update led to a big improvement | Ars Technica
The new MacBook Pro now behaves as expected, but there are still limitations.
7 days ago by twleung
Tips: How to toggle Dark Mode in with a keyboard shortcut or the
Mojave  MacBookPro  TouchBar  from twitter_favs
20 days ago by soundsgood
Tips: How to toggle Dark Mode in with a keyboard shortcut or the
Mojave  TouchBar  MacBookPro  from twitter_favs
20 days ago by gpjohn
MacBook Pro 13” - Touchbar - Space Gray (320331989) ᐈ Köp på Tradera
10 699 kr

MacBook Pro 13” med touchbar i Space Gray (2016)
2,9GHz i5
8GB ram
256GB SSD.
4st USB-C (Thunderbolt 3)
tradera  macbook  macbookpro 
6 weeks ago by dentarg
How to Replace MacBook Pro Battery, 17-Inch 2009-2011:
After watching the video for your specific 17-Inch "Unibody" MacBook Pro, it should be clear that replacing the battery is straightforward.
6 weeks ago by foliovision
2011 MacBook Pro SATA Problems Resolved! | Other World Computing Blog
for use in the optical bay of the models where 6G drives do not work properly as well as for specific prior 2009/2010 Mac models with a Nvidia chipset that only connects at SATA 1.0 / 1.5GB/s speed when you use a 6G SATA 3.0 Drive vs. getting full 300MB per second speed/performance from a 3Gb/s SATA 2.0 configured drive.
6 weeks ago by foliovision
Hands on: PlugBug Duo attaches to charger, gives travelers two USB charging ports
MacBookPro  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago by soundsgood
Gmyle 2 Port ExpressCard 34mm USB 3.0
Download and install the CalDigit USB3 Driver
Completely shut down your Macbook
Insert the Gmyle expansion card in the Expresscard slot
Start up your Macbook
usb  expresscard  macbookpro 
8 weeks ago by foliovision
Apple MacBook Pro future-proofing isn't always the best way to go - Business Insider Deutschland
Now, Apple's latest MacBook Pros use USB-C for charging, which doesn't attach magnetically. In the few days I spent with a 2016 MacBook Pro with USB-C, I tripped on the power connector, and the laptop came crashing to the ground.
corerot  macbookpro 
8 weeks ago by foliovision

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