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If your USB-C power adapter isn't charging your Mac notebook - Apple Support
Learn what to do if the USB-C power adapter that came with your MacBook (2015 and later), MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2018), or MacBook Pro (2016 and later) stops charging, gets warm, or sparks.
usbc  macbookpro 
8 days ago by john.sheets
I am really digging the on my new (2018) 💻. I use in the app, and it’s nice…
Emacs  MacBookPro  Terminal  TouchBar  from twitter_favs
18 days ago by aslakr
VOLTA XL: The Only Charging Cable You’ll Ever Need | Indiegogo
Volta XL fast charging USB-C cable brings MagSafe-like magnetic connector ba | Check out 'VOLTA XL: The Only Charging Cable You’ll Ever Need' on Indiegogo.
usb-c  macbookpro  charging-cable 
20 days ago by shoesiq
Apple launches replacement program for 13-inch MacBook Pro SSDs, warns of data loss
Apple on Friday confirmed a "limited number" of solid state drives used in 13-inch MacBook Pro models without Touch Bar are subject to an undisclosed issue that could result in data loss and hardware failure.
Announced in a support document, the problem is limited to 128GB and 256GB SSDs installed in 13-inch "Function Key" MacBook Pro models sold between June 2017 and June 2018. Other drive configurations are unaffected by the issue.

While the exact nature of the complication remains unknown, Apple urges MacBook Pro owners to check repair eligibility and receive drive servicing as soon as possible.
problemi  hardware  ssd  apple  macbookpro  2017  2018  mac  macintosh 
29 days ago by nicoladagostino
Acer K272HUL Monitor not seeing MacBook P… - Apple Community
Fix for Acer monitor not waking up, maybe (set DP to 1.1 instead of 1.2 in monitor settings)
acer  acermonitor  macbookpro  monitor 
5 weeks ago by madscene
Severe issues w/ Mojave and my MacBook Pro. Am I alone ?
Mojave  apple  MacBookPro  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by pamneely
2018 MacBook Pro versus older MacBook Pros
real world speed test results for performance minded Macintosh users
8 weeks ago by twleung
Re-testing the MacBook Pro: Apple’s firmware update led to a big improvement | Ars Technica
The new MacBook Pro now behaves as expected, but there are still limitations.
8 weeks ago by twleung
Tips: How to toggle Dark Mode in with a keyboard shortcut or the
Mojave  MacBookPro  TouchBar  from twitter_favs
10 weeks ago by soundsgood
Tips: How to toggle Dark Mode in with a keyboard shortcut or the
Mojave  TouchBar  MacBookPro  from twitter_favs
10 weeks ago by gpjohn

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