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How to Choose the Right Hard Disk for Your Mac | The Mac Security Blog
The speed and reliability of SSDs make them the ideal solution for today's computers.
6 minutes ago by franfelstein
Kirkville - How to Choose the Right Hard Disk for Your Mac ✰✰✰✰✰
An iPhone or iPad contains flash memory, and a desktop or laptop computer contains either a solid state drive (SSD), which is flash memory, or a hard disk. Macs are currently sold with two types of storage devices: SSDs and fusion drives. And you can buy external or internal drives of three types: SSD, hybrid (fusion) drive, or hard drive.
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32 minutes ago by franfelstein
Ableton Live 9 review | MusicRadar
The long-awaited DAW update shifts the focus back to what Live is best at
app  play  mac 
3 days ago by thx1138
Apple Logic Pro X review | MusicRadar
The classic DAW gets a new look, fresh features and a companion iPad controller app
app  mac  play 
3 days ago by thx1138
The 20 best DAW software apps in the world today | MusicRadar
The votes have been counted in our annual poll: what is the best DAW?
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3 days ago by thx1138
Install Linux on a MacBook Air · Bernerd Schaefer
A start-to-finish guide to installing Linux on your Apple hardware.
live  iso  nix  installation  mac  virtual  box  command  line 
3 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Perch CMS Expansions for Typinator on Vimeo
Typinator is a text expansion tool for Mac. Here's a a screencast demo of a Typinator Perch CMS Expansion set.
perch  cms  code  shortcuts  text  tools  typinator  mac  productivity 
3 days ago by abberdab
Move and resize windows with ease
app  mac  osx  productivity  software 
3 days ago by chrismasters
Hide Mac menu bar icons for free
app  mac  osx 
3 days ago by chrismasters

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