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Solved: Spotify App for Mac always opens upon startup. - The Spotify Community
"In your Mac, go to System Preferences - User & Groups - Login Items and remove Spotify."
spotify  mac  osx 
9 hours ago by pronoiac
Capto - The Screen Capture and Video Editing Software for Mac
With Capto you can capture and record your screen, edit videos and images at ease to enhance the content, and share with the world.
10 hours ago by KO
4 Solutions to “The backup volume is read only” Error when Using Time Machine on Mac
Mac users must be familiar with Time Machine, which is an excellent inbuilt backup tool on Mac system. But, Time Machine backup can fail, too. Now, this post will look at the “The backup volume is read only” error when using Time Machine and offer 4 solutions.
corrupt  Outlook  Disk  Utility  Error  FSCK  Mac  The  backup  volume  is  read  only  Time  Machine  Unmount  Drive 
11 hours ago by DataNumen
GrandPerspective icon
A replacement icon for GrandPerspective, a Mac app that creates a visual display of disk contents.
11 hours ago by M.Leddy
What’s behind the Intel design flaw forcing numerous patches? | Ars Technica
There's obviously a big problem, but we don't know exactly what.
Both Windows and Linux are receiving significant security updates that can, in the worst case, cause performance to drop by half, to defend against a problem that as yet hasn't been fully disclosed.
Patches to the Linux kernel have been trickling in over the past few weeks. Microsoft has been testing the Windows updates in the Insider program since November, and it is expected to put the alterations into mainstream Windows builds on Patch Tuesday next week. Microsoft's Azure has scheduled maintenance next week, and Amazon's AWS is scheduled for maintenance on Friday—presumably related.
Since the Linux patches first came to light, a clearer picture of what seems to be wrong has emerged. While Linux and Windows differ in many regards, the basic elements of how these two operating systems—and indeed, every other x86 operating system such as FreeBSD and macOS—handle system memory is the same, because these parts of the operating system are so tightly coupled to the capabilities of the processor.
browser  bug  cpu  javascript  linux  mac  meltdown_spectre  privacy  security  windows 
12 hours ago by rgl7194
'Meltdown' and 'Spectre' FAQ: What Mac and iOS users need to know about the Intel, AMD, and ARM flaw | iMore
A series of flaws have been discovered in Intel, AMD, and ARM chipsets that allow speculative references to be probed for privileged data.
"Meltdown" is a flaw currently believed to affect only Intel processors and "melts security boundaries which are normally enforced by the hardware". "Spectre" is a flaw that affects Intel, AMD, and ARM processors due to the way "speculative execution" is handled.
Both could theoretically be used to read information from a computer's memory, including private information like passwords, photos, messages, and more.
Apple has apparently already started patching Meltdown in macOS. Here's what you need to know.
browser  bug  cpu  javascript  linux  mac  meltdown_spectre  privacy  security  windows 
12 hours ago by rgl7194
Back up your photos — before it's too late | iMore
How do you back up all the photos on your phone, tablet, and computer and keep your memories of life, love, kids, travel, and adventure safe? Like this!
Our phones, tablets, and computers aren't just how we talk, text, and type anymore. They shoot, edit, and store all the photos and videos that mean the most to us. All the selfies and pets and children and trips and discoveries and adventures and meals and moments that matter to us most are created and kept on the digital devices we use every day.
And losing them can be catastrophic. Not just, "oh, I lost that document I was working on and have tor redo it" catastrophic, but "oh god, oh no, I lost the photos of our wedding, of when we got the puppy, of the birth of our child, of the last time we ever saw the grandparents..." catastrophic.
backup  photography  sync  ios  mac  icloud  photo  library  google_photos 
12 hours ago by rgl7194
GitHub - sb2nov/mac-setup: Installing Development environment on macOS
This guide covers the basics of setting up a development environment on a new Mac. Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, this guide is intended for everyone to use as a reference for setting up your environment or installing a languages/libraries.
configuration  mac  tools  programming  webdev 
14 hours ago by mathieup

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