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Version Museum: A Visual History of Your Favorite Technology
Version Museum showcases the visual history of popular websites, operating systems, applications, and games that have shaped our lives. Much like walking through a real-life museum, this site focuses on the design changes of historic versions of technology, rather than just the written history behind it.
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28 days ago by rsgranne | The US government's web traffic.
This data provides a window into how people are interacting with the government online. The data comes from a unified Google Analytics account for U.S. federal government agencies known as the Digital Analytics Program. This program helps government agencies understand how people find, access, and use government services online. The program does not track individuals, and anonymizes the IP addresses of visitors.
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april 2019 by rsgranne
Meta - Everything I know
Below you will find all the notes I made. I continuously update them and I use them myself for my own reference. I try to write things and structure them so everyone can benefit from reading them or even reference what I know easily and quickly.

Each folder is a topic that can include other topics under it related to the parent topic.

* Sharing
* Ideas
* Focusing
* Knowledge
* Research
* Minimalism
* Environment
* Music
* Life
* Writing
* macOS
* Hardware
* Math
* Computer Science
* Programming
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january 2019 by rsgranne
Standard Notes | A Simple And Private Notes App
Standard Notes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work.
Free, open-source, and completely encrypted.
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october 2018 by rsgranne

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