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IRIN | Tough bargaining with armed groups
The key to reconciling those interests with peace and security may be to reach an agreement with armed actors and other community leaders on the exploitation of mineral and other land resources. A study by Nest, Grignon and Kisangani - The Democratic Republic of Congo: Economic Dimensions of War and Peace, 2006 - found that successive political dialogues in the DRC failed to resolve underlying conflicts because they never really addressed rival parties' economic interests, notably in natural re...
IRIN  rwanda  M23  Congo  irinnews  timeline 
january 2018 by noodlepie
The House That Jack Built
Warning: Spoilers through the season 1 finale, triggers for child abuse (physical) Summary: This house is the last tie she has to life before the apocalypse, and it’s crumbling beneath her fingertips.
type:  fic  site:  tumblr  porn:  no  length:  1k-5k  author:  cinderscoria  char:  janine  char:  sam  setting:  between  s1  and  s2  spoilers:  m23 
july 2014 by zombiesrunfanwork
Enamor Me
Simon and Janine both have trouble sleeping.
type:  fic  length:  1k-5k  site:  tumblr  porn:  no  author:  tumblyorro  char:  simon  char:  janine  pairing:  janine/simon  spoilers:  m23  setting:  between  s1  and  s2 
july 2014 by zombiesrunfanwork
Did Russ Feingold Just End a War? - Stuart A. Reid - POLITICO Magazine
“The conversation would go like this,” Feingold recalled. “‘Mr. President, we see a credible body of reporting that Rwanda has given external support to the M23.’ The president would respond, ‘That’s not true,’ to which I would respond, ‘Please stop doing it.’” Feingold, though he wouldn’t discuss it, almost certainly did more than merely plead, also raising the prospect that the U.S. government would sanction top Rwandan military officials aiding the M23.
M23  rwanda  kagame  feingold  USA  foreignpolicy  Congo 
march 2014 by noodlepie
DRC government and M23 sign peace deal - Africa - Al Jazeera English
Rebel group agreed to engage in talks in October after suffering defeats against government and UN-backed forces.
DRC  Africa  M23  peaceprocess 
december 2013 by JusttheFacts
Dead Weight
another death ficlet for ebba’s birthday! when we plotted these, though, ebba’s request for my collection of death fics was for me not to kill eugene woods. so, here is eugene woods, not dying. spoilers for s1m23 and the first transmission of s2 radio mode.
porn:  no  site:  tumblr  type:  fic  author:  facingthenorthwind  spoilers:  m23  spoilers:  s2  radio  char:  eugene  char:  maxine 
november 2013 by zombiesrunfanwork
The Fall of the M23: African Geopolitics and the DRC | Chatham House: Independent thinking on international affairs
Thus, despite the focus of many commentators on the diplomatic role of the donors, it was its alignment with an African-led initiative that made the real difference. Put simply, humiliating South Africa and Tanzania would carry very different costs for Kigali than rolling-over a much-maligned UN mission. Such a tectonic shift may have long-term implications elsewhere – notably an emerging realignment in the East African Community towards a Rwandan-Ugandan-Kenyan axis that seems to exclude Tanzania – but it may have brought some much-needed respite to the long-suffering people of eastern DRC.

m23  rwanda  uganda  diplomacy  opinion  chathamhouse 
november 2013 by noodlepie
BBC News - DR Congo's M23 rebel chief Sultani Makenga 'surrenders'
The commander of the M23 rebel group in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has surrendered in Uganda, sources have told the BBC.
M23  Africa  DRC  peaceprocess  RecentViolence 
november 2013 by JusttheFacts
Twitter / RwandaGov: #Rwanda in the news: The Guardian ...
As most media outlets cover the 's (maybe) defeat, issues blithe tweet about gov transparency:
M23  from twitter_favs
november 2013 by jasonpjason
The mind is a strange, strange place., I'm Just Learning To Love You (Part 1)
In which Simon learns that love comes in all shapes, sizes and heartaches. [Jody x Phil, Simon x Angst, Simon x Snark]
char:  jody  site:  tumblr  length:  1k-5k  porn:  no  char:  simon  pairing:  jody/phil  type:  fic  char:  phil  spoilers:  m23  author:  pawlikethebear  setting:  s2 
september 2013 by zombiesrunfanwork
Van Ark and runners
Just finished S1 of Zombies, Run! Did these to celebrate. Van Ark and his soldiers in the first pic, and the Abel runners moving out in the second - Jody, Simon, Sara, Maggie, and Evan. Onwards to S2! This game may have the most interesting narrative I’ve come across in a long long time. Everybody needs to get into it so I have more people to share these feels with. Please!
char:  van  ark  author:  crimson-sun  site:  tumblr  porn:  no  type:  art  spoilers:  m23 
september 2013 by zombiesrunfanwork

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