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Leukemia & Lymphoma Society | Donate Today! for Neha Singh's Campaign.
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society | Donate Today!
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11 days ago by neerajsinghvns
My Lymphoma-Free Victory Party: How to Plan Your Own
After cancer treatment: Fun post about celebrating successful lymphoma treatment
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6 weeks ago by csrollyson
For One Hematologist, No Disease Progressions in Follicular Lymphoma With Rituximab Maintenance - The ASCO Post
Hematologist uses alternative treatment approach to Follicular NHL cases, and has 100% success rate after 25 years
sh3  alternative  therapy  Follicular  NHL  lymphoma  rituximab  patient  results  18sbx  hematology 
7 weeks ago by csrollyson
Towards the better diagnosis of lymphoma
Experimental blood tests measure DLBCL "DNA leakage" into the blood to predict relapse refractory disease
lymphoma  DLBCL  DNA  waste  blood  test  research  clinic  practice  oncologist  relapse  refractory  prediction  cancer  18sbx  bullsi  sh3  sh4 
7 weeks ago by csrollyson
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the Day I was Diagnosed
Yes, Hodgkins, but totally applicable to what it's like to learn you have cancer + interaction with her physician (PCP/GP)
diagnosis  hodgkin  lymphoma  emotion  physician  18sbx  ws1 
7 weeks ago by csrollyson
Poland woman is cancer free after participating in clinical trial
Local news reports success at first patient of CSR-T at University Hospitals
nhl  cartcell  18sbx  q4  2018  remission  lymphoma 
7 weeks ago by csrollyson
Nice To Meet You, I'm Radiant Racheli
Post #1 of serial posts on Lymphoma treatment journey
blog  lymphoma  hodgkin  cancer  sh1  ws1  18sbx  patient 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
Cancer and Dating: Excerpts from the Journal a Survivor Kept
Young lymphoma patient blog series on her journey; this post on dating during treatment is poignant and even funny
patient  journey  lymphoma  blog  18sbx  ws1  millennial  cancer  romance  dating  application  losangeles  travel  ATC 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
Why you should always have cancer friends - Lymphoma Barbie
Terrific insouciant Lymphoma patient's blog covers all journey phases; this post on the importance of support group
lymphoma  cancer  emotion  friend  patient  sh1  ws1  support  attitude  18sbx  bullsi 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
A letter to all of the doctors that misdiagnosed me - Lymphoma Barbie
Yes, Hodgkin's, but the story has some detail and could easily be NHL + many other blog posts
patient  story  misdiagnosis  stageiv  lymphoma  physician  ATC  chemotherapy  radiation  2016  blog  bullsi  18sbx 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
My Experience With Lymphoma - The Atlantic
Detailed patient journey with Lymphoma in his brain; deciding on treatment options, weighing life decisions, physical and emotional impacts
lymphoma  patient  story  journey  brain  sh1  2016  transplant  family  community  treatment  diagnosis  work  bullsi  support  18sbx 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
When lymphoma comes back | Topics, Lymphoma, Cancer, People's Experiences |
Authentic natural short vids [transcripts] of patient stories of learning about their relapses; reflections on first-line treatment and second-line
lymphoma  nhl  patient  stories  relapse  1stline  2ndline  emotion  family  uk  18sbx  cancer  ws1  sh1 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
21 Days Times 6
Very long, detailed blog of patient's journey from 2012; she is articulate and detailed, discussions of physician involvement from PCP to oncologist to ATC
patient  journey  DLBCL  lymphoma  chemotherapy  canada  18sbx  blog  ws1 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
Lymphoma Types, Symptoms, Signs & Survival Rates
Short (some caregiver) patient descriptions of discovering their lymphomas; useful because physician errors and attitudes show their effect
lymphoma  patient  story  onset  suspicion  sh1  sh2  sh3  physician  oncologist  PCP  diagnosis  cancer  18sbx  ws1 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
Regaining My Life After a Diagnosis of Non‑Hodgkin Lymphoma
Young NHL patient tells his story of lymphoma and relapse; and second line treatment HDC/ABMT
patient  story  rchop  nhl  relapse  nurse  18sbx  community  emotion  sh1  ws1  hdcbmt  transplant  transfusion  stageii  lymphoma  ATC  travel  relocation  immigration  philippines  family  insurance  hdcabmt  bullsi 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson

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