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17 Of The Biggest Startup Frauds Of All Time - CB Insights Research
Great article on famous startups with major ethical challenges: Theranos, Zenefits, Honest Company, Outcome Health, LendingClub (founder), Mozido, Hamton Creek, Virgin Hyperloop, Rothenberg Ventures, Skully, Bouxtie, WrkRiot, Asenqua Ventures, Crescent Ridge Capital Partners, Autonomy, Pixelon, Psuedo.
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12 hours ago by jeromekatz
Lying and Insincerity // NDPR
A review of Lying and Insincerity by Andreas Stokke
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19 hours ago by telemachus
Episode 353 – The Crisis of Science : The Corbett Report
In 2015 a study from the Institute of Diet and Health with some surprising results launched a slew of click bait articles with explosive headlines:

“Chocolate accelerates weight loss” insisted one such headline.
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february 2019 by Jswindle
Voters should look beyond “authenticity” in 2020.
The truth is that the current field of Democratic nominees is full of messy and complicated individuals. That’s fine. It is one thing to demand that political leaders be consistent and coherent about policy. It is something else entirely to demand “authenticity” in the form of being either familiar enough to be a cartoon character or completely uncomplicated in all matters of character and temperament. Before we begin to trash people who haven’t even begun to become the leaders we hope for, let’s recognize that this kind of fundamentalism helped bring us a president who can only be counted on to never surprise us at all.
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february 2019 by emmacarlson
Quotation about lying
"If you can't lie no better than that, you might as well tell the truth" - Delbert McClinton
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february 2019 by jerryking
Spotting Lies: Listen, Don't Look : NPR
Think liars always sweat and avoid eye contact? Not really, say researchers. They're coming up with new interrogation tactics that tell cops to listen closely and seek information, not just a confession.
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february 2019 by lenards

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