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AT&T quietly drops Lumia phones from online store • FierceWireless
Colin Gibbs:
<p>AT&T no longer sells Lumia phones through its website as Microsoft’s presence in the worldwide handset market continues to disappear.

Wave7 Research noted the absence of Lumia devices this week in a research note sent to subscribers, observing that no Microsoft hardware is listed among the 29 devices available through Further checks revealed that Lumia devices also aren’t being sold through the websites of T-Mobile or Sprint, and Verizon offers only one Lumia phone online: the Lumia 735, which was released in September 2014.

It isn’t clear whether AT&T still sells any Lumia phones through its physical stores, and a carrier representative was unable to comment on the situation immediately. Wave7 said AT&T’s Cricket brand continues to sell two Lumia phones through its site, but Microsoft phones weren’t available through the sites of Boost, MetroPCS or Straight Talk, according to the research firm.</p>

It's.. dead, Jim?
lumia  microsoft 
march 2017 by charlesarthur
Microsoft looks set to “end sales” of Lumia phones this December, director mentions Surface Phone – WinBeta
Jack Wilkinson:
<p>According to an employee at the company, who wishes to remain anonymous, the company is preparing to “end sales” of the range this year, December 2016. It does, however, seem a little odd to actually end sales, instead, we believe that Microsoft will be ending production of its Lumia devices. This latest piece of information fits in line with recent actions from the company, where it has permanently cut the prices of many of its Lumia devices over the past few months. This seems to be an effort to sell off remaining stock and coincides with December being the final month since the price cuts have become larger as time has progressed…

…There’s also been the issue of how Microsoft has been offering its Lumia devices on its Microsoft Store website and in physical stores. Over the past few weeks, several people have stated that the physical Microsoft Stores have been moving their Windows phone collections into smaller areas and out of the way from customers. For its website, the company removed the link to its Lumia range from its homepage in the US, while subsequently changing it on its other regional sites from Lumia to Windows phones.

We reached out to Microsoft regarding these findings. The company declined to comment on the ending of its Lumia range, stating only that there’s “nothing to share” at the moment. They suggested keeping an eye on their Microsoft Store page for the latest Windows phones.</p>

The dream goes on of a "Surface Phone", but it would probably sell in smaller numbers even than the Surface laptablet. And that would be a money-loser. Satya Nadella doesn't seem enamoured of the idea.
microsoft  lumia  surface  phone  smartphone 
september 2016 by charlesarthur
Microsoft could kill its Lumia lineup by the year-end
Bad news for all the loyal Lumia fans out there. According to a report published by WinBeta, Microsoft could kill its Lumia lineup before the end of the year. The info allegedly comes from a Microsoft employee, who shared it with the folks at WinBeta. The news is definitely not a shocker though, as earlier...

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Microsoft  could  kill  its  Lumia  lineup  by  the  year-end 
september 2016 by vrzone
Thomas Wilfred's Lumia compostions Opus 140. - YouTube
“ … While many people had experimented with light as an artistic medium (most notably the color organs) Wilfred was the first to speak of light as a formal art-form. He coined the term "lumia" to describe "an eighth art" where light would stand on its own as an expressive art-form. Wilfred was passionate that Lumia should be a silent art.”
clavilux  lumia  light  art  composition  1920s  mechanism 
august 2016 by michielbuddingh
Microsoft selling feature phone business to FIH Mobile Ltd. and HMD Global, Oy | News Center
Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced it reached an agreement to sell the company’s entry-level feature phone assets to FIH Mobile Ltd., a subsidiary of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group, and HMD Global, Oy for $350 million. As part of the deal, FIH Mobile Ltd. will also acquire Microsoft Mobile Vietnam — the company’s Hanoi, Vietnam, manufacturing facility. Upon close of this deal, approximately 4,500 employees will transfer to, or have the opportunity to join, FIH Mobile Ltd. or HMD Global, Oy, subject to compliance with local law.

Microsoft will continue to develop Windows 10 Mobile and support Lumia phones such as the Lumia 650, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and phones from OEM partners like Acer, Alcatel, HP, Trinity and VAIO.
WindowsPhone  Lumia  Foxconn  HonHai  takeover  Microsoft  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual-SIM LTE Smartphone 5 Zoll: Elektronik
neuwertig amz warehouse: 135 €
Die 8-Megapixel-Kamera mit LED-Blitz und die HD-Frontkamera garantieren gestochen scharfe Fotos und Videos die Sie mit der Lumia Camera App auf dem großzügigen 5-Zoll-HD-Display ganz einfach bearbeiten können. Zahlreiche vorinstallierte Dienste wie Skype, MixRadio und die Navigation Here Drive Plus runden das Gesamtpaket ab.
may 2016 by MicrowebOrg
Microsoft Lumia 650 launches in India
After making the Lumia 650 official back in February, Microsoft has launched the handset in the Indian market today. Priced at Rs. 15,299 (roughly $230), the Lumia 650 comes with dual SIM slots in India and is one of the few Windows 10-powered devices available in the country. The Lumia lineup has been extremely popular...

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Microsoft  Lumia  650  launches  in  India 
april 2016 by vrzone
Microsoft Lumia 650 now available in the US for $199
Microsoft’s new affordable Windows 10 Mobile handset, the Lumia 650 is now on sale in the US. Consumers in the US can now get their hands on an unlocked Lumia 650 for $199 from the Microsoft Store. In a few other markets, the Lumia 650 has been on sale for a while now. It was...

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Microsoft  Lumia  650  now  available  in  the  US  for  $199 
april 2016 by vrzone
Microsoft Lumia 550 now available for just $120 in the US
Microsoft’s cheapest Windows 10-powered smartphone is now cheaper in the United States. B&H photo is now selling the entry-level Windows 10 smartphone for just $119.95, which is around $19 lower than the smartphone’s current retail price at most stores. However, only the White color option is available at the discounted price. The Black version on...

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Microsoft  Lumia  550  now  available  for  just  $120  in  the  US 
march 2016 by vrzone
Microsoft Lumia 650 now official, carries a $200 price tag
Microsoft has finally made the rumored Lumia 650 official. The smartphone comes with a premium metal design and a sub $200 price tag. The Lumia 650 features a 5-inch 720 x 1280 HD AMOLED display and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 quad-core SoC based on the Cortex-A7 architecture, clocked at 1.3GHz. In terms...

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Microsoft  Lumia  650  now  official  carries  a  $200  price  tag 
february 2016 by vrzone

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