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The Lost Commanders - pieandsouffle - Star Wars: Rebels [Archive of Our Own]
It isn't every day a troop of rebels and Jedi invade the Walker, and especially not when the clones happen to be babysitting two little Jedi.

Follows Breaking Ranks
fic  StarWars  RebellionEra  LukeSkywalker  LeiaOrgana  pieandsouffle  canon  AU 
9 weeks ago by adanska
Breaking Ranks - pieandsouffle - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Three transfer cadets have been dropkicked into Zare's squad.
And he really, really doesn't trust them.
fic  StarWars  RebellionEra  SWR  EzraBridger  LukeSkywalker  LeiaOrgana  ZareLeonis  pieandsouffle  canon  AU 
9 weeks ago by adanska
The Collected Detritus (Am I allowed to ask for some of my favorite Time...)
If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
Luke hadn’t understood what Obi-Wan had meant, all those years ago. He thought, he had, with all the wild confidence of his youth, when he had faced the Emperor and thrown away his own weapon.
You’ve lost, your highness.
Like so many things, he had been wrong.
fic  StarWars  RebellionEra  LukeSkywalker  scarletjedi  timetravel  AU  post-movie  tumblr  wip 
april 2019 by adanska
Reflection Unknown - Guardian_of_Hope - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
You know that feeling where the face in the mirror is unrecognizable? Luke does. Luke really, really knows that feeling. So does Anakin.
fic  StarWars  RotEEra  RebellionEra  LukeSkywalker  AnakinSkywalker  Guardian_of_Hope  timetravel  bodyswap  AU  ongoing 
april 2019 by adanska
The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars - A_Delicate_Fury - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
'I don’t know how this happened. I don’t yet know why. But this is definitely Anakin’s fault.'
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master, Exile, and now Force Ghost, was pleased with the way things had turned out. The Sith were dead. His padawan had returned to the Light. And Luke Skywalker was beginning to lay the foundation for his new Jedi Order. And while Luke, Leia, Han, and the Rebellion cleaned up the last traces of the Empire on the physical plane, he and Anakin would devote the next stage of their af...
fic  StarWars  RotEEra  TCW  RebellionEra  ObiWanKenobi  LukeSkywalker  LeiaOrgana  HanSolo  A_Delicate_Fury  timetravel  AU  ongoing  !  !! 
april 2019 by adanska
Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns - chancecraz - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
I went to sleep on the worst day of my life and woke to find myself in the past on the second worst day of my life. As experiences go, I don’t recommend it.
fandom:StarWars  LeiaOrgana  LukeSkywalker  DarthVader  AhsokaTano  ObiWanKenobi  pairing:Han/Leia  author:chancecraz  timetravel  !_brilliant  via:adanska 
april 2019 by Harpijka
Ad Utrumque Paratus - obeyingthemuse - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
No one knows of Etra and Tyun, Justice and Vengeance, the twin dragon-eggs burning with promise in children’s folktales scattered across sand.
No one knows that they have finally hatched over Tatooine’s horizon.
fic  StarWars  RotEEra  RebellionEra  LukeSkywalker  LeiaOrgana  obeyingthemuse  timetravel  AU  revolution  ongoing  !  !! 
april 2019 by adanska
Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns - chancecraz - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
'I went to sleep on the worst day of my life and woke to find myself in the past on the second worst day of my life. As experiences go, I don’t recommend it.'
fic  StarWars  RebellionEra  ResistanceEra  LeiaOrgana  LukeSkywalker  DarthVadar  AhsokaTano  ObiWanKenobi  Leia/Han  chancecraz  timetravel  AU  ongoing  epic  !  !!  !!! 
april 2019 by adanska
a gate to many wonders - melannen - Star Wars Sequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
Dying, for a Jedi Master in the line of Yoda, was a gentle thing.


"Hi, Not Listening To This Anymore," Han said, appearing suddenly. "I'm dead."
starwars  anakinskywalker  yoda  lukeskywalker  hansolo  bensolo  length:<1k-5k 
february 2019 by moonlight
At Sunrise on the Forest Moon
She finds her way to Luke's side at the site of Vader's pyre, after the flames have died down to embers.
01/19  starwars  ahsokatano  lukeskywalker  gen  g 
january 2019 by musesfool
whatever a sun will always sing is you
Leia has a lot of things to do, but first, she needs to speak with Luke.
12/18  starwars  leiaorgana  lukeskywalker  hansolo  gen  g 
december 2018 by musesfool
Luke doesn't win because he's a warrior
A handful of The Last Jedi haters in my mentions are offering up a fascinating misreading of the final showdown between Luke and Vader in RotJ. I think it's worth taking a moment to discuss because it may help explain why these guys hate Luke’s character so much in Episode VIII.
starwars  movies  lukeskywalker  jedi  force 
august 2018 by spaceninja
And Now, Here's Mark Hamill With A Truly Grim Realisation About Luke's Arc In The Last Jedi | Gizmodo Australia
Mark Hamill's own early hesitation about Luke's story in The Last Jedi has been used by some disgruntled Star Wars fans to decry that something is rotten in the state of Coruscant.

However, the actor himself has spent the months since the movie's release defending the choice to give us a Luke Skywalker haunted by his failures to break a cycle of rising darkness that has once again plunged the galaxy far, far away into turmoil.

In an engrossing new interview with IGN, Hamill touched on how at first he thought that someone so resolutely idealistic as the Luke Skywalker of the original trilogy - the embodiment of what the Jedi should be, a rebel hero, a boundless source of naive optimism among his more cynical allies - falling so sharply into despair was impossible.

But then the actor realised something grim: Luke's own trajectory from idealism to cynicism matched his own.
markhamill  lukeskywalker 
june 2018 by timberwolfoz
Mark Hamill on Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cutting Luke's Reaction to Han Solo's Death - IGN
"I think Rian has lots of thought-provoking ideas in the film. It seems callous for (Luke) to just ignore it and not -- the old Luke would be just like Rey. He'd be lightsaber-blazing. I liked it because it shows his kind of mean streak sense of humor, when she comes back and says, 'Why did you just let me go off like that without telling me?' And I laugh. 'You ran so fast!' Because, again, it shows another side of him. Because he's pretty serious and dour so it shows that even though he has a mean streak he still has a sense of humor."
markhamill  lukeskywalker 
march 2018 by timberwolfoz
I always loved the Sketchbook set... in-app name: LENTICULAR
JediDay  LukeSkywalker  from twitter
march 2018 by tmdblya
Luke had no other choice in the Last Jedi
Here we have the single most powerful Force user in the galaxy forced to cut himself off of every instinct he has for fear he'll do the galaxy more harm than good. From Luke's perspective, this abstinence of the Force is heroic. Another Jedi purge becomes impossible.
starwars  force  jedi  lukeskywalker  movies  scifi 
march 2018 by spaceninja
Back From the Future: Episode VI The Clone Wars - Ariel_Sojourner - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
In which Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader travel back in time together to the Clone Wars era, have amazing adventures, and save the galaxy.

+ vader dies half way through the fic, and while i'm glad i didn't go into that blind, it was still rough. in addition, parts of the second half get pretty dark - a child dies unexpectedly in a fucked up way. even with all the tears this caused and its tonal changes, this was a pretty satisfying fixit fic for the universe, and i don't regret reading it.
fic  starwars  gen  anakin/padme  lukeskywalker  darthvader  timetravel  fixit  characterdeath 
december 2017 by exclamations

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