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World Without Pity
Canon divergence beginning with the start of "Born Again Identity". As a result of the car hitting him Sam has a broken arm, and instead of finding Cas, Dean breaks Sam out of the hospital. Dean takes Sam to a remote cabin (where there is only one bed cause - well - just cause) and where Sam deals with a lack of sleep, intense pain from his broken arm, and his visions of Lucifer. By accident, Sam discovers that Dean's touch causes Lucifer to vanish, albeit temporarily. However, constant touching causes other issues to develop between the brothers, and their relationship takes a turn neither may be prepared for.
Protective  Dean  WinchesterHallucination  Lucifer  (Supernatural)  |  HalluciferInjuryHand  JobsAnal  SexBlow  JobsTop  WinchesterBottom  Sam  WinchesterHurt/ComfortCanon  DivergenceHurt  Winchester 
yesterday by shalene72
A Brief Stopover in LA - elfin - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
Three years on, Crowley does Hastur a favour - nipping over to LA with Aziraphale to talk Lucifer into returning home.
fic  goodomens  lucifer  crossover  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  [1-5k 
4 days ago by shadowkeeper
I was scrolling through my dash and my most... - Mixing Memory and Desire
I think the question of Lucifer and the Silver City is a really interesting one. When he talks about it, yes, sometimes he’s bitter, but he’s more likely to say “I’m not welcome there” or “I’m barred from entering” than “HATE IT *HISSS*” Sometimes, like with Charlotte, he expresses genuine grief.
nonfic  meta  lucifer 
5 days ago by corpruga
Picture my dad, a 63-year-old just trying to binge when his only daughter went through 2 earthquakes in CA…
Lucifer  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by jgd3
lol_meme | 3217
26 days ago by dd_again
RT : has been renewed for a fifth and final season!

“We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for resurrectin…
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5 weeks ago by DocDre
Speaking of Twilight -

I realized what annoys me about , this stupid thing they do where Chloe's this *sp…
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8 weeks ago by DocDre
Netflix US on Twitter: "Welcome home @LuciferNetflix 😈… "
Apparently this video covers some of the differences between Lucifer being on cable and being on Netflix.
lucifer  netflix  tv  twitter  video  2019 
10 weeks ago by handcoding
Give the Demonologist his Due - Amlia, NaTak - Lucifer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Devil and an exorcist walk into a bar. Neither of them expect the resulting punchline.
fic  lucifer  constantine  dc  pairing:lucifer/john  [1-5k 
february 2019 by shadowkeeper
It's Only Me - mishasan7 - Lucifer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Excellent, thorough post-finale fic, addressing every-damn-thing is logical ways that are VERY well-written.
lucifer  fic  recme 
january 2019 by neonhummingbird
how long will i love you? as long as the stars are above you (and longer if i can) - wollfgang - Lucifer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Such bright coloring, Lucifer.” Amenadiel teases, gesturing to Lucifer’s suit. “One would almost think you're courting, brother.”

Lucifer freezes.
december 2018 by bathsweaver
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - spirantization - Lucifer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Post-Season 3 continuation, picks up where "A Devil of My Word" left off. Deckerstar." Delightfully straightforward addressing of all post-Season 3 issues. So nice to hear the characters addressing those Issues with their brains fully intact....
lucifer  fic  recme 
november 2018 by neonhummingbird
Castaway - Chapter 1 - ariaadagio - Lucifer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Devil is real. A sentence Chloe Decker never believed until Lucifer Morningstar burned out her skepticism with his hellfire eyes. It's a "Hell" of a reality shift, but Chloe realizes she may not have time for gradual acceptance when she discovers that one of the bodies in her most recent murder investigation isn't human. Worse still, the next target might be Lucifer. [Post-S3 finale continuation. Deckerstar.]
lucifer  chloe_lucifer  dan  maze  trixie  linda  ella  postS3  *  WIP  angst  reveal  h/c 
october 2018 by bekap
The first person Jack ever saw was Sam. He is positively convinced that Sam is his father, and no one can get him to change his mind.
fandom:supernatural  sam  dean  jack  castiel  lucifer  season13 
september 2018 by Kleoparda
The Devil’s Gonna Let On That You’re In The Details
Sam and Cas have been hooking up casually for a while when something feels off to Sam. He’s sure it’s just his mind playing tricks on him.
fandom:supernatural  sastiel  samifer  rape/non-con  season11  season12  sam  dean  castiel  lucifer 
september 2018 by Kleoparda
Special Kinds Of Hugs
Sam was 12 years old when it first happened.
He knew this was something he would remember his whole life, no matter how fast he tried to run from it.

Luc Novak (Lucifer) sexually abuses Sam for years before Luc's little brother, Gabriel, figures out what's wrong and takes the matter into his hands.
fandom:supernatural  rape/non-con  samifer  sabriel  underage  sam  gabriel  lucifer  dean 
september 2018 by Kleoparda
I've Always Known
Nobody's surprised when Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak end up together- they've known they were going to be together since they were toddlers. Sam's fairly certain he knows who he'll end up with too- but Lucifer Novak is much older and probably not interested in him anyway. Right?
fandom:supernatural  a/b/o  samifer  destiel  omega!castiel  omega!sam  alpha!dean  alpha!lucifer  sam  dean  castiel  lucifer 
september 2018 by Kleoparda

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