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Researchers hit 1.4Tbps speeds –
iAfrica.comA team of researchers have successfully completed a groundbreaking trial, achieving 1.4 terabits per second over fibre. The field trial, by Alcatel-Lucent and BT, saw a connection between London and Suffolk taking place (over 400 kilometres separating …You can now download 44 films in one second – the fastest Internet Yet it was …AlphaKick‘Fastest ever’ […]
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january 2014 by zennie62
Apple Newton 2x00 WiFi Hardware Compatibility List
I have decided to gather together a hardware compatibility list for getting the Newton using WiFi connected. I won't bother listing what's been tested and won't work but in the interests of brevity focus on what has been reported to work. If you have a working rig that isn't listed then please feel free to describe it in comments and I will endeavour to update the body of the entry.
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september 2013 by davemee
Going Wireless: Setting up Wifi
With WikiWikiNewt going down, it has struck me that other sources of instructions on how to set things up could be at risk too, particularly as time goes by. So as insurance I have decided to record a separate set of instructions for setting up Hiroshi's wifi driver which was released as freeware in 2007. Screenshots have been sourced from his page (which has now shifted to here). His driver and the sourcecode can now be downloaded from here.
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september 2013 by davemee
Newegg nukes “corporate troll” Alcatel in third patent appeal win this year
I am loving this. Particularly this:

At trial in East Texas Cheng took the stand to tell Newegg's story. Alcatel-Lucent's corporate representative, at the heart of its massive licensing campaign, couldn't even name the technology or the patents it was suing Newegg over.

"Successful defendants have their litigation managed by people who care," said Cheng. "For me, it's easy. I believe in Newegg, I care about Newegg. Alcatel Lucent, meanwhile, they drag out some random VP—who happens to be a decorated Navy veteran, who happens to be handsome and has a beautiful wife and kids—but the guy didn't know what patents were being asserted. What a joke."

"Shareholders of public companies that engage in patent trolling should ask themselves if they're really well-served by their management teams," Cheng added. "Are they properly monetizing their R&D? Surely there are better ways to make money than to just rely on litigating patents. If I was a shareholder, I would take a hard look as to whether their management was competent."
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may 2013 by jm

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